Master's Fun in the Woods 0
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Master's Fun in the Woods 4

Master Keith is with his cohort Master Bill. They're obviously planning something... And it's not long before we know exactly what these two are up to. There's bondage, humiliation and so much more...

Woodland Slavegirl

Master Keith and Slave Suzi16:25 minutesBDSM
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Woodland Slavegirl 4

Slave Suzi has been brought out to the woods by Master Keith, where she's tied to a tree.She then has weights attached to her pussy and is whipped and flogged. Finally she is suspended from the tree and fingered and spanked before being taken down and led off into the woods.

Tormented In The Woods 0
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Tormented In The Woods 3
Tormented In The Woods 4

Master Keith loves to be outside enjoying the sunshine, and he enjoys it even more when he has Slavegirls to torment !! Here he has Slave Suzi in the woods and he puts her through some pussy torment with weights and floggers, and tree's make great items to tie young ladies to !!


Master Keith, Slave Hillie, and Slave Suzi16:32 minutesBDSM
Woodland 0
Woodland 1
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Woodland 3
Woodland 4

A lovely day to play outdoors thinks Master Keith and no sooner has he thought it and into the van go the female slaves for some outdoors fun and bondage ... Tree's are so handy ot tie ones Pony Girls to and discipline them !!!

Lesbians in the Woods 0
Lesbians in the Woods 1
Lesbians in the Woods 2
Lesbians in the Woods 3
Lesbians in the Woods 4

Taken to the woods, tied to a tree, beaten, degragated and fucked by Lesbian Mistress Roxi, while Master keith and the Bitch Mistress Alisia look on help and laugh, poor Crystal !!!!