Slave girls of the woods

23:41 minutesBDSM
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The slave girls are taken to the woods, they are placed over a bench and both whipped and finger fucked, Master Keith has his slave girl suck him off before she is shoved back to the floor, both slave girls are taken back to the bench and both finger fucked and whipped at the same time, than one slave girl is made to lcik the other slave girl out whilst she is finger fucked, there continues to be lots of oral performed on the masters and slave on slave, they play fetch and are suspended.

Slave girl rides a dildo

16:17 minutesBDSM
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Master Keith leaves his slave in the dark blind folded and tied up for 4 hours, when he returns, she is already excited for things to come, she is pleasured with a glass dildo and has her pussy whipped, she is than freed from her restraints and put on a lead, she is later freed from her blind fold as well, she is than lead around on a lead and than made to ride a dildo, she is than once again restrained, spanked and whipped.

Jades Caning

Mistress Demonic14:04 minutesFemdom
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Jade has really displeased Mistress Demonic, and so its off to the dungeon for punishment.... Jade is put on the spanking bench and spanked, paddled , cropped and caned while the Demonic one smiles , Jade yelps !!!

Geishas First Punishment 0
Geishas First Punishment 1
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Geishas First Punishment 4

Master Keith has a new slave girl, and she has just erant herslef her forst puinshment for misbehaving .. She is taken to the dungeon, naked and her arms tied above her head, he pulls and twists her nipples then puts her over the whipping bench, once secured he grabs a paddle and paddles her arse harshly before untying her and re-suspending her arms above her head adding mouse traps to her nipples ...

Masters Stretched Slavegirl ... 0
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Master Keith makes his slave get off the whipping horse and kiss his boots, then he suspends her from the crucifix, gags her, puts clamps and weights on her cunt lips .... She is eventually taken down only to be tied to the swinging bench for Masters fun !

Master & Mistress Playtime  0
Master & Mistress Playtime  1
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Master & Mistress Playtime  3
Master & Mistress Playtime  4

Mistress DeVille brings Salve Polly and Slave Charlie down into the dungeon, she makes them both kneel on all fours and then Master Keith arrives... Now the fun shall begin ( well it will for the Master & Mistress !!) Master soon removes Polly panties and helps Mistress put slave Charlie onto the crucifix and then Polly is tied over the whipping bench where a good spanking and cropping are given so her arse is sore and red....

Testing Slave Heather Part 2 0
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Master Keith is in his dungeon , he takes a breast clamp and puts it on slave Heathers tits making sure it is very tight, he adds chains from the ceiling and fastens them to the hook of the clamp, then he takes her feet and suspends them so she hanging from her tits & ankles, the violet wand ocmes out and he torments her pussy and piercings with it ... Finally he takes her down and makes her bend over the whipping bench before giving her arse a very hard flogging & caning ...

Maitresses Naughty Boy 0
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Maitresses Naughty Boy 3
Maitresses Naughty Boy 4

Maitress Marlene shows us what happens when naughtiness happens, over her knee to start with and a good old fashioned spanking, then out comes paddles and canes until the naughty boy in question has a very sore arse !!!..

The Cane, The Fist & The Lava Lamp 0
The Cane, The Fist & The Lava Lamp 1
The Cane, The Fist & The Lava Lamp 2
The Cane, The Fist & The Lava Lamp 3
The Cane, The Fist & The Lava Lamp 4

Slave Danielle isi n the cage when Master Keith arrives and lets her out, its straight over the whippinging bench for a spanking, paddling, flogging, more paddling, and then the crop, her pussy lips are clamped and fastened to the whipping bench and out comes the cane... Then he takes her off the bench and puts her onto another where a pump up dildo is put her pussy and pumped, and pumped ... Then he fists her but what on earth is he going ot do with the Lava Lamp???

Master's Punishment of Danielle 0
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Master's Punishment of Danielle 4

Slave Danielle is in the cage and Master soon arrives ot take her out, he immidiately puts hero n the whipping bench and ties her down to it, he takes a leather paddle and beats her arse while making her count, once her arse is lovely and pink other impliments are used making it redder and redder... Various paddles, tawses, and before he gives her a good hard caning he addes some clamps to her pussy lips... Her arse certainly ends up striped !!!!