Slave Polly Punished by Mistress Deville 0
Slave Polly Punished by Mistress Deville 1
Slave Polly Punished by Mistress Deville 2
Slave Polly Punished by Mistress Deville 3
Slave Polly Punished by Mistress Deville 4

Slave Polly is taken down to the dungeon after being bad... She is tied to the cross and has her pussy whipped. She is finally let down, and when she is, she is made to lay on the floor and have her tits stepped on. She is than led to another part of the dungeon and is suspended by her feet with her legs wide open, whilst Mistress Deville inserts and lights a candle in Slave Polly's vagina. She is then left suspended with the candle left to drip hot wax onto her pussy, whilst Mistress leaves. When she returns she has Slave Polly take off her corset and then clamps her breasts. She is than suspended by her breasts and her breasts are whipped.

Slave girls of the woods

23:41 minutesBDSM
Slave girls of the woods 0
Slave girls of the woods 1
Slave girls of the woods 2
Slave girls of the woods 3
Slave girls of the woods 4

The slave girls are taken to the woods, they are placed over a bench and both whipped and finger fucked, Master Keith has his slave girl suck him off before she is shoved back to the floor, both slave girls are taken back to the bench and both finger fucked and whipped at the same time, than one slave girl is made to lcik the other slave girl out whilst she is finger fucked, there continues to be lots of oral performed on the masters and slave on slave, they play fetch and are suspended.

Rich Bitch Cleans

Master Keith15:27 minutesBDSM
Rich Bitch Cleans 0
Rich Bitch Cleans 1
Rich Bitch Cleans 2
Rich Bitch Cleans 3
Rich Bitch Cleans 4

Master Keith has his Slave Girl Rich Bitch clean his dungeon, after it has been made a mess, whilst she cleans, he whips her arse, when she is done, he lays her on the floor, and whips her pussy, and arse

Slave Girl Suspended

Master Keith19:56 minutesBDSM
Slave Girl Suspended 0
Slave Girl Suspended 1
Slave Girl Suspended 2
Slave Girl Suspended 3
Slave Girl Suspended 4

Master Keith suspends one of his slave girls by her feet, she is played with, and whipped and has a candle placed and lit in her pussy, he than lowers her down and has his second slave girl mount the one suspended, and the begin to pussy fuck each other, once they have finished, the suspended slave is than brought up again, so both slaves can lick each others pussy, when done, the suspended slave girl than has her pussy whipped.

Slave Girls Spanking

20:58 minutesBDSM
 Slave Girls Spanking 0
 Slave Girls Spanking 1
 Slave Girls Spanking 2
 Slave Girls Spanking 3
 Slave Girls Spanking 4

Slave girl is found leaning against the wall with her arse pushed out, she is than spanked by her Mistress, and paddles, until her arse is red, she is than made to crawl on all fours and is whipped as she does so. Later she is put over her Mistresses knees and is once again spanked, another Mistress enters and both Mistresses proceed to spank and whip her, and flick her nipples.

Mistresses Sluts

19:07 minutesBDSM
Mistresses Sluts 0
Mistresses Sluts 1
Mistresses Sluts 2
Mistresses Sluts 3
Mistresses Sluts 4

Mistress takes her slaves into her dungeon, and pulls on they're nipples and slowly pulls them into submission, she has one of the slaves, who is a submissive to the other spank her, as hard as she can, if she does not she is paddled herself, she is than made to whip her Mistress whilst her mistress is pinned down by the head Mistress, later on the bottom slave is played with and has pegs placed on her nipples and they are flicked

Slave girl tormented

19:01 minutesBDSM
Slave girl tormented 0
Slave girl tormented 1
Slave girl tormented 2
Slave girl tormented 3
Slave girl tormented 4

Master Keiths slave girl has her pussy clamped and is lead to the cross to be tied and suspended, once she is, she has her tits played with, and she then has her tits whipped, and than her pussy, eventually she is let down, turned round and retied up, she than has her arse whipped.

Goth Slave Rebuke

11:22 minutesBDSM
Goth Slave Rebuke 0
Goth Slave Rebuke 1
Goth Slave Rebuke 2
Goth Slave Rebuke 3
Goth Slave Rebuke 4

Goth Slave is lead around by a lead, she is than pinned down her Mistress, she is than made to pole dance, if she does not she is whipped, whilst she is dancing she is stroked with the whip as a reminder to keep dancing, she is than tied up to he cross and has her arse whipped, once taken down she is made to pole dance again, whilst having her arse whipped, she is than made to crawl on the floor to the bench, where is than tied and spanked, once taken down she untied she is layed on the floor whilst her Mistress steps on her.

Pony Girl Stable

Master Keith15:47 minutesBDSM
Pony Girl Stable 0
Pony Girl Stable 1
Pony Girl Stable 2
Pony Girl Stable 3
Pony Girl Stable 4

The Slaves are bound in pony gear, and are made to march like a pony, in training and put in stables, they are whipped and spanked and ridden

Rich Bitch

Master Keith16:49 minutesBDSM
Rich Bitch 0
Rich Bitch 1
Rich Bitch 2
Rich Bitch 3
Rich Bitch 4

The Slave is tied up and has her pussy whipped, after she has her tits tied up, whipped and her nipples twisted, she is chained and made to do as she is told