Ms Evie's Doggy Punishment 0
Ms Evie's Doggy Punishment 1
Ms Evie's Doggy Punishment 2
Ms Evie's Doggy Punishment 3
Ms Evie's Doggy Punishment 4

E.Vie brings a new puppy for training to ms.Danhella. They tie up his balls, they crop his balls. They make then train puppy to play games like beg, fetch and play. Dog is then told to guard the dungeon.  Mistress came back to find dog not doing his duties so they put him on the rack where they tie his cock and balls to a ceiling hook and add weights, they then violet his balls and cock and also drip wax over his cock and balls.

Mistress' New Girl Watches

30:57 minutesBDSM
Mistress' New Girl Watches 0
Mistress' New Girl Watches 1
Mistress' New Girl Watches 2
Mistress' New Girl Watches 3
Mistress' New Girl Watches 4
Mistress has a new slave girl to train, and another male slave to punish, so she brings them both to the dungeon to teach her slave girl what she's in for. She ties the slave girl to the St Andrews cross to watch as the male slave is told to cross dress for Mistress. Mistress then sends him to do the dishes whilst still in sissy wear so she can whip the slave girl. She then ties the slave's balls, whips him and attaches the rope from his balls to a suspension point and hangs weights from it. Mistress then mummifies him and runs claws over him. Finally Mistress pierces him through his upper back and runs a violet wand over his back and ass.

Mistresses play thing

16:13 minutesBDSM
Mistresses play thing 0
Mistresses play thing 1
Mistresses play thing 2
Mistresses play thing 3
Mistresses play thing 4

The slave is found lounging around in her cage, she is than suited up in her corset, which ia tightened, she is than strapped up and has pegs put on her nipples, she then has her breasts paddles and has weights hung from her nipples and has her pussy paddled as well, she than has a violet wand teased over her vagina, and is fingered by her mistress and is denied from cumming on several occasions

Slave Lou's Torment part 3  The Electrics....  0
Slave Lou's Torment part 3  The Electrics....  1
Slave Lou's Torment part 3  The Electrics....  2
Slave Lou's Torment part 3  The Electrics....  3
Slave Lou's Torment part 3  The Electrics....  4

Master Keith has Slave Lou is 4 point suspension, he plugs in his Violet wand and attaches a roller like piece which is used on her cunt and tits, making her cry out..... He then puts a speculum up her cunt and plays with her clitty...

Young Mistresses Torment The Runt 0
Young Mistresses Torment The Runt 1
Young Mistresses Torment The Runt 2
Young Mistresses Torment The Runt 3
Young Mistresses Torment The Runt 4

The Runt had sneaked out to have some fun with her friends but little does she know that 3 beautiful young Dommes are enjoying a social get together and chat when she returns, the look on runts face is priceless as she see's them and they her, its not long before the 4 nasty bitches decide to torment the runt by caning, spanking, paddling and lots of other nasty painful ways of teaching poor runt a lesson...

Young Dominatrix Plaything.  0
Young Dominatrix Plaything.  1
Young Dominatrix Plaything.  2
Young Dominatrix Plaything.  3
Young Dominatrix Plaything.  4

Take 3 young trainee dominatrix and one female slave, and these 3 may be young but they are cruel and nasty.. crystal is tied to the cross, all 3 take turns padlding her arse, then out comes a cane and they all have a go with that ... they leave her tied up and go and sit down, planning what to do next.. once decided they tie her to the couch with the head and arm stocks attached, weights are hung from her cunt lips, a violet wand is also used as is candle wax and her tits are twisted and squeezed... nasty bitches really go to town .

Happy Birthday Master  0
Happy Birthday Master  1
Happy Birthday Master  2
Happy Birthday Master  3
Happy Birthday Master  4

Master Keith has not one but two slavegirls in the cage, he lets one out and puts her in the stocks & spanks her arse and torments her nipples, then he grabs some needles put candles in the end and sticks them in her arse cheeks  and lights them !!< then he uses the violet wand on the needles that are stuck in the slavegirls arse !!!.. Once he has finally finished he puts her back in the cage and lets the other slavegirl out, puts her on the rack, stretches her, adds clamps to her cunt lips and chains to pull them up ...

Mistress Danhellas' Electric Slavegirl 30 mins 0
Mistress Danhellas' Electric Slavegirl 30 mins 1
Mistress Danhellas' Electric Slavegirl 30 mins 2
Mistress Danhellas' Electric Slavegirl 30 mins 3
Mistress Danhellas' Electric Slavegirl 30 mins 4

Mistress Danhella has Rhinannon in the cgae & arrives and takes her out only to put her straight over the whipping horse and giving her a dammed good spanking, cropping & caning.... then its onto the rack, stretched and out comes the violet wand, Mistress uses the Violet Wand on her nipples, and pussy! . . . and what a good shot she is with it, you can see the sparks fly from the nipple piercings and right on the nipple end !!.. Rhiannon also endures pussy slapping ...Rhiannon is then taken to the shower room where she pisses on her & then Rhiannon  is allowed to masturbate while Mistress uses the heels of her stilettos on the slaves nipples and tits ...

Miss Cameo's Disobediant Slavegirls 0
Miss Cameo's Disobediant Slavegirls 1
Miss Cameo's Disobediant Slavegirls 2
Miss Cameo's Disobediant Slavegirls 3
Miss Cameo's Disobediant Slavegirls 4

Rhiannon and Sophia are in trouble, Miss Cameo arrives and releaises something is just not right so she lets Rhiannon ot of her cage and questions her as to why her top and bottom are different colours!!, she tramples on the slaves tits strips her and uses the violet wand on the girls cunt and tits ..then Cameo shouts for the other slave who comes running, more punishemnt follows ...

Mistress Danhellas' Racked Slave 0
Mistress Danhellas' Racked Slave 1
Mistress Danhellas' Racked Slave 2
Mistress Danhellas' Racked Slave 3
Mistress Danhellas' Racked Slave 4

Mistress Danhella loves playing with anything electrical !!... Slave Rhiannon is going to get a good dose of the violet wand on her tits and pussy and that includes her piercings!!, but she also gets cropped and stretched on the rack !