Slave Polly Punished by Mistress Deville 0
Slave Polly Punished by Mistress Deville 1
Slave Polly Punished by Mistress Deville 2
Slave Polly Punished by Mistress Deville 3
Slave Polly Punished by Mistress Deville 4

Slave Polly is taken down to the dungeon after being bad... She is tied to the cross and has her pussy whipped. She is finally let down, and when she is, she is made to lay on the floor and have her tits stepped on. She is than led to another part of the dungeon and is suspended by her feet with her legs wide open, whilst Mistress Deville inserts and lights a candle in Slave Polly's vagina. She is then left suspended with the candle left to drip hot wax onto her pussy, whilst Mistress leaves. When she returns she has Slave Polly take off her corset and then clamps her breasts. She is than suspended by her breasts and her breasts are whipped.

Woodland Slavegirl

Master Keith and Slave Suzi16:25 minutesBDSM
Woodland Slavegirl 0
Woodland Slavegirl 1
Woodland Slavegirl 2
Woodland Slavegirl 3
Woodland Slavegirl 4

Slave Suzi has been brought out to the woods by Master Keith, where she's tied to a tree.She then has weights attached to her pussy and is whipped and flogged. Finally she is suspended from the tree and fingered and spanked before being taken down and led off into the woods.

Pony girl, tug of war 0
Pony girl, tug of war 1
Pony girl, tug of war 2
Pony girl, tug of war 3
Pony girl, tug of war 4

Master Keith and Master Billy take their slave girl's to the woods, they are spanked and whipped, and they are made to tug of war, the loser is made to perform oral on the winner, the loser is than suspended up side down from a tree.

Slave Lou's Torment Suspension  0
Slave Lou's Torment Suspension  1
Slave Lou's Torment Suspension  2
Slave Lou's Torment Suspension  3
Slave Lou's Torment Suspension  4

Tightly corsetted Slave Lou is Master Keiths latest slave girl ... He soon has her in a tit clamp and with the aid of some ropes and chains soon suspends her by her tits !

The Interrogation P2  0
The Interrogation P2  1
The Interrogation P2  2
The Interrogation P2  3
The Interrogation P2  4

In an old workshop Master Keith and Mistress True Severity torment and humiliate a slave girl, will she talk or wont she ??. Watch and see Master Keith Keiths ways of making you talk!