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Take 3 young trainee dominatrix and one female slave, and these 3 may be young but they are cruel and nasty.. crystal is tied to the cross, all 3 take turns padlding her arse, then out comes a cane and they all have a go with that ... they leave her tied up and go and sit down, planning what to do next.. once decided they tie her to the couch with the head and arm stocks attached, weights are hung from her cunt lips, a violet wand is also used as is candle wax and her tits are twisted and squeezed... nasty bitches really go to town .

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Happy Birthday Master . . . .  1
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Happy Birthday Master . . . .  3
Happy Birthday Master . . . .  4

Master Keith has 2 pretty slavegirls locked in a cage and lets them out, one is put onto the corss, the other into the stocks.... Now the fun begins, well it begins for Master Keith !!... Candles and wax, clamps on pussies, and that's not all !!!!