Master and Slave Girl Wax Session 0
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Master and Slave Girl Wax Session 4

Master Keith finds his Slave girl pleasuring herself, and decided that for this she should be taught a lesson. She is teased onto the verge of cumming, but is than denied the pleasure she seeks. She has a candle stuck in her vagina, and is told not to drip on the carpet, and is made to hold that position for several minutes. She than has more candle was poured upon her. She is then tied up, spanked and whipped.

Test Spanks

Grandfather Timothy16:02 minutesSpanking
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Test Spanks 1
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Test Spanks 4

Take one old man and 2 naughty young ladies. He is not happy with them, they're not doing their homework, not doing as they are told, the result a severe OTK spanking for them both and two very red hot bottoms!

Mistresses Lesbians

14:52 minutesBDSM
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Mistresses Lesbians 1
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Mistresses Lesbians 4

two slave girls are made to pole dance for they're mistress, both slaves are tied up, and one is spanked, when they are freed, one is made to tease the others cliterous with her heel, than she is spanked, whilst one slave spankes her mistress, than one girl is made to spank the other, the mistress than rides her slaves to her throne, where the slaves begin to kiss her feet and legs

Pony Girl Stable

Master Keith15:47 minutesBDSM
Pony Girl Stable 0
Pony Girl Stable 1
Pony Girl Stable 2
Pony Girl Stable 3
Pony Girl Stable 4

The Slaves are bound in pony gear, and are made to march like a pony, in training and put in stables, they are whipped and spanked and ridden

Rich Bitch

Master Keith16:49 minutesBDSM
Rich Bitch 0
Rich Bitch 1
Rich Bitch 2
Rich Bitch 3
Rich Bitch 4

The Slave is tied up and has her pussy whipped, after she has her tits tied up, whipped and her nipples twisted, she is chained and made to do as she is told

 Slave girl Rhiannons suspension 0
 Slave girl Rhiannons suspension 1
 Slave girl Rhiannons suspension 2
 Slave girl Rhiannons suspension 3
 Slave girl Rhiannons suspension 4

Master Kieth gets one of his slave girls Charlie to help him punish his slave girl Rhiannon. Rhiannon is made to kiss her feet, then she made to act as a puppy dog and fench a fuffly dice. she is then suspended were Charlie tramples on her breasts and pussy. She is made to orgasm whilst MK crushes and bites her brests. Then MK inserts a candle in her pussy and when lit candle wax dripps into her ass hole.

Her Duties

Master Keith3:27 minutesBDSM
Her Duties 0
Her Duties 1
Her Duties 2
Her Duties 3
Her Duties 4

Master enters room where one of his slave girls, is human furniture lamp stand, she is spanked over his knee for disobediance.

Master Keith Pussy training  0
Master Keith Pussy training  1
Master Keith Pussy training  2
Master Keith Pussy training  3
Master Keith Pussy training  4

Master Keith has decided it is time for Slave Girl Dannielle to have her first taste of pussy triaining.. and so over the horse she goes, a good hard hand spanking follows, and he goes and gets a pump up dildo, a condom goes on it and UP her pussy the dildo goes.. now how many times can I pump this slave before you beg for mercy !!!! ...But a pump up dildo is not all she gets up her wet cunt .....

Kia Masters Toy

Master Keith and Slave Kia17:57 minutesBDSM
Kia Masters Toy 0
Kia Masters Toy 1
Kia Masters Toy 2
Kia Masters Toy 3
Kia Masters Toy 4

Master Keith brings a blindfolded Kia down into his dungeon, makes her kneel and kiss his boots.. her skirt is removed and she is spanked and then suspended from the crucifix where pegs and clamps and weights are hung from her cunt lips.

Begging of Slaves TV Training 0
Begging of Slaves TV Training 1
Begging of Slaves TV Training 2
Begging of Slaves TV Training 3
Begging of Slaves TV Training 4

Marcin is brought to the shop for some female clothing by his beautiful girlfriend, but its not for her!!!... she chooses a corset and meanwhile downstairs Mistress Demonic awaits ... It is not long before Marcin is taken downstairs and becomes Marcella!!...