Kia's Suspension

Master Keith and Slave Kia21:23 minutesBDSM
Kia's Suspension 0
Kia's Suspension 1
Kia's Suspension 2
Kia's Suspension 3
Kia's Suspension 4

Master Keith takes Slavegirl Kai down into his dungeon, once there he puts clamps on her pussy lips and adds chains to keep them open, then it is onto suspension for her with some pussy fingering as well... up and up she goes suspended by her wrists and ankles with a wide open pussy!

Ponygirl Workshop

Master Billy and Master Keith15:52 minutesBDSM
Ponygirl Workshop 0
Ponygirl Workshop 1
Ponygirl Workshop 2
Ponygirl Workshop 3
Ponygirl Workshop 4

Master Keith takes his ponygirls into the woods to play, he ties them to tree's , whips and torments them, then its back to his workshop for some trotting and exercise but he gets bored so harnesses one up and takes her out in the streets for all the passersby to see !!!

Miss Sin in Trouble 0
Miss Sin in Trouble 1
Miss Sin in Trouble 2
Miss Sin in Trouble 3
Miss Sin in Trouble 4

Mistress Danhella has already tied slave rhiannon to the cross, she has gagged her and put nipple clamps on ... She oges off tonly to return with another slave girl.. Mistress cruelly twists rhiannnos nipples making her cry out in pain and it wont stop there, Miss sin is in trouble and gets some treatment !

Masters Dungeon, Suspended Slavegirls .... 0
Masters Dungeon, Suspended Slavegirls .... 1
Masters Dungeon, Suspended Slavegirls .... 2
Masters Dungeon, Suspended Slavegirls .... 3
Masters Dungeon, Suspended Slavegirls .... 4

Master Keith puts chians and a really heavy weight on slave Ana's cunt she is made to drag it around... Then both Master Keith and Master Chris put another slave girl into suspension, once suspended she is slapped and tormented on her cunt and arse ...

Mistress Jolenes Slavegirls birthday  0
Mistress Jolenes Slavegirls birthday  1
Mistress Jolenes Slavegirls birthday  2
Mistress Jolenes Slavegirls birthday  3
Mistress Jolenes Slavegirls birthday  4

It is the birthday of one of Mistress Jolenes slave girls, and Mistress intends it to be a very good birthday !!... She rides slave Rhiannon like x horse, puts clamps on her cunt lips and fastens them to her ankles... and thats not all ..DO NOT MISS THIS !!

Caged Fisting

Master Keith, Slave Ana, and Slave Emma14:51 minutesBDSM
Caged Fisting 0
Caged Fisting 1
Caged Fisting 2
Caged Fisting 3
Caged Fisting 4

Master Keith drags his slavegirl into the dungeon, he cuffs her and makes her kiss his boots, meanwhile Master Chris arrives with his slavegirls and it is notl ong before she is cuffed and tied to the cross and Master flogs her tits.. Of course alot more happens but you will need to watch to find out exactly what !

Oriental Slavegirls Punishment 0
Oriental Slavegirls Punishment 1
Oriental Slavegirls Punishment 2
Oriental Slavegirls Punishment 3
Oriental Slavegirls Punishment 4

Master Keith arrives home with slave Coco in tow and he is not happy with her at all, they have barely got through the dooro and he is telling her off... Soon she is taken to his dungeon, once there he makes her strip and tightens up her corset... Mistress Persia soon arrives and slave coco is well and truly punished.

Dannie's Ordeal  0
Dannie's Ordeal  1
Dannie's Ordeal  2
Dannie's Ordeal  3
Dannie's Ordeal  4

Goddess Demonic is not happy, she has found out that oneo f her slaves has sneaked out and got so inebriated she pissed the bed !!... So outside goes Goddess with slaves Danielle and Sophia, she makes Danielle lay down on the cold concrete , tells her off, slaps her in the cunt then pisses all over the girl .. Of course thats not the only form of punishment for the hapless naughty slave...

Once showered and dried Danielle is made to go over the whipping bench where her arse is given a paddling & caning by Goddess Demonic much to the amusement of her friend and co-hort Miss Cameo, slave Sophia is also given a beating before Goddess Decides the best way to remove the hair from Danielles cunt is with a pair of tweezers, a nice little job for slave Sophia!!!

Chastised Pussy

Master Keith, Slave Lou, and Slave Suzi14:06 minutesBDSM
Chastised Pussy 0
Chastised Pussy 1
Chastised Pussy 2
Chastised Pussy 3
Chastised Pussy 4

Master Keith has slavegirls Suzi and Lou in his dungeon... Suzi is made to bend over and Lou is then made to spank her bottom  but before long Master Keith grabs a speculum and inserts it in Lou's pussy and adds a strange green light!!!>.. Suzi is suspended and the stitches removed from her pussy !!

Happy Birthday Master  0
Happy Birthday Master  1
Happy Birthday Master  2
Happy Birthday Master  3
Happy Birthday Master  4

Master Keith has not one but two slavegirls in the cage, he lets one out and puts her in the stocks & spanks her arse and torments her nipples, then he grabs some needles put candles in the end and sticks them in her arse cheeks  and lights them !!< then he uses the violet wand on the needles that are stuck in the slavegirls arse !!!.. Once he has finally finished he puts her back in the cage and lets the other slavegirl out, puts her on the rack, stretches her, adds clamps to her cunt lips and chains to pull them up ...