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Mistresses Train Horsey 2

Mistresses have a new pony, and they're making sure he's properly trained for the job of carrying the precious cargo that is the mistresses round the dungeon.

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Master Keith sits with his friend Master Adam and decide what to do .... well torment seems a good diea and as there are two slave girls it will be great fun ... it all starts with boot licking and cleaning and very soon moves onto a speculum up a pussy, hot wax on arses and much more!!

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Miss Cameo puts chains and weights on her female slaves cunt lips and adds weights, then she uses a crop to make them swing until they fall off!!, now bend over girl . . . Rhiannons arse is cropped and eventualy she is sent upstairs to get something for her Mistress... on her return Miss Cameo uses her as an ashtray and lets Rhiannon worship and lick her cunt...

Rebellious Blonde

Master Keith and Slave J19:13 minutesBDSM
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Slave J is a mouthy rebellious piece of work and Master Keith fully intends to take her down a peg or two ... He pops a breast clamp on and cuffs her wrists to the chimney breat and adds a leg spreader bar ... A chain is attached to the breast clamp and he adds large medical steel hooks up her cunt & clamps on her cunt lips ... the chain to her breasts is on a winch as are the hooks and he wastes no time using the winch to tighten everything, suddenly Rhiannon arrives so Master leaves her to torment slave J .... but thats not all, watch and find out what happens to the rebellious Slave J !!!

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Slavegirls Tormented Piss Training  4

Master Keith has slave Gemma in his lcutches!, firstly he puts a clamp on her pussy lips but it slips off so he inserts a needle to keep it in place, once this is done he then puts her on the crucifix ... Once there he twists and flogs her tits, and then her pussy , finally he releases her from the cross and spanks her arse hard but he is not finished, finally he uses a very heavy flogger on her arse ...

Lazy Sunday in the Garden... 0
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Lazy Sunday in the Garden... 4

No Sunday is really lazy with Master Keith around !!... He has Slavegirls Kia & Rhiannon in the garden and he is going to have some fun... theres humiliation, bondage, latex , gags, flogging and so much more !!!!

Tormented In The Woods 0
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Tormented In The Woods 4

Master Keith loves to be outside enjoying the sunshine, and he enjoys it even more when he has Slavegirls to torment !! Here he has Slave Suzi in the woods and he puts her through some pussy torment with weights and floggers, and tree's make great items to tie young ladies to !!