Breast Waxing

14:57 minutesFemdom
Breast Waxing  0
Breast Waxing  1
Breast Waxing  2
Breast Waxing  3
Breast Waxing  4

Mistress has a pretty slavegirl and Mistress loves nothing more than playing with candles resulting in hot wax being poured, in this instance on the slaves tits.

Taken, tormented, penetrated 0
Taken, tormented, penetrated 1
Taken, tormented, penetrated 2
Taken, tormented, penetrated 3
Taken, tormented, penetrated 4

Taken to a workshop, played with, penetrated with a dildo, she is spanked, and lead around by her tits, she is than put into the boot of a car and taken some where else.

Geishas First Whipping

Master Keith15:35 minutesBDSM
Geishas First Whipping 0
Geishas First Whipping 1
Geishas First Whipping 2
Geishas First Whipping 3
Geishas First Whipping 4

Geisha is naked, Master likes naked bodies and more so when he gets to whip and flog them ..

Slave Girl Milking Antics 0
Slave Girl Milking Antics 1
Slave Girl Milking Antics 2
Slave Girl Milking Antics 3
Slave Girl Milking Antics 4

Salve Genna is made to lactte and Master Keith ejyos a some in his tea . . .

Slave Frans Torment Electrics 0
Slave Frans Torment Electrics 1
Slave Frans Torment Electrics 2
Slave Frans Torment Electrics 3
Slave Frans Torment Electrics 4

Master Keith likes playing with electrical things, and he thinks it is a great idea to use them on slave Fran ... and of ocurse why kist use electrics, candles are fun as is bondage.

Shop Girls Calamity

Master Keith15:12 minutesBDSM
Shop Girls Calamity 0
Shop Girls Calamity 1
Shop Girls Calamity 2
Shop Girls Calamity 3
Shop Girls Calamity 4

Master Keith visits the shop he owns and he is not happy at all, the shop assiestant has not been doing her job at all well and he WILLpunish her for her misdeeds... she is cged, corseted, tranpled and alot more

Slave cums in pain

Master Keith17:11 minutesBDSM
Slave cums in pain 0
Slave cums in pain 1
Slave cums in pain 2
Slave cums in pain 3
Slave cums in pain 4

Master Keith and his co-hort love putting ldies in bondage, and here is no exception.. and the lucky slave may be in pain but at least she is allowed to cum ..

Scrubbers Chores

Master Keith15:39 minutesFemdom
Scrubbers Chores 0
Scrubbers Chores 1
Scrubbers Chores 2
Scrubbers Chores 3
Scrubbers Chores 4

Master Keith decides it is time that slave Becki cleaned up the house... she dustes, polishes and cleans all under the watchful eye of Master...

Nightmare Nurses

Mistress Danhella31:11 minutesFemdom
Nightmare Nurses 0
Nightmare Nurses 1
Nightmare Nurses 2
Nightmare Nurses 3
Nightmare Nurses 4

Mistess Danhella and Miss Sin really are a nightmare, well at least slave toby thinks so as he subjected to humiliation, needles and ball torment!!

Mistresses Bag....

15:51 minutesFemdom
Mistresses Bag.... 0
Mistresses Bag.... 1
Mistresses Bag.... 2
Mistresses Bag.... 3
Mistresses Bag.... 4

Mistress Cruella is a pretty alternative Domina, she is such a nasty Bitch!, She sits on her thorne and has her slavel ight her cigarette while she ingnores him , she then puts him into a leather body bag and does it up before adding rope making sure it is really really tight ...