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Slave Sophia is found in the bath shaving herself, and pleasuring herself, Mistress Persia comes in, plays with her slave, and than urinates in the bath, she than sits above the bath and has Slave Sophia lick her out. Later we see them in the dungeon, where Mistress Persia has her slave once again lick her out, she than steps on her breasts and uses the heal of her shoe to play with her clit.

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It is difficult enough pleasing one Mistress but when there is three its impossible .. Mistress Danhella has caught slave Samir mastubating over Goddess Demonics boots, and he is taken to the dungeon while she tells Goddess and Ms E.Vie of his wrong doings.. And he will not be getting away with it, he is subjected to SPH and humiliation and is made to lick boots and shoes and feet and thats not all ...

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Goddess Demonic dressed in a latex uniform dress along with her good friend Maitresse Marlene have a naughty boy who deserves to be punished... So its over the whipping bench for him and a very hard double caning follows!!... Not content they then bring in another slave, he is humiliated, beaten, given an enema and then fucked up the arse with dildo's before finally being allowed to do some shoe worship ...