The Sparkler

Mistress Demonic15:01 minutesFemdom
The Sparkler 0
The Sparkler 1
The Sparkler 2
The Sparkler 3
The Sparkler 4

Mistress Demonic is in her chambers with slave Comet. She subjects him to cock and ball torture, and verbally humiliates him... Rummaging around her chambers she finds some sparklers and decides to have some fun. Slave Comet is made to lay face down on the floor while a sparkler is put in the crack of his arse, "You better clench those cheeks properly!"...

Slave Girl Duel

Master Billy and Master Keith16:08 minutesBDSM
Slave Girl Duel 0
Slave Girl Duel 1
Slave Girl Duel 2
Slave Girl Duel 3
Slave Girl Duel 4

 Master Keith gets two of his slavegirls to have a duel with paddles and a tug of war with pussy chains. He then trots one of them round and spanks both of them.

Stascia's Slave

Slave J33:05 minutesFemdom
Stascia's Slave 0
Stascia's Slave 1
Stascia's Slave 2
Stascia's Slave 3
Stascia's Slave 4

Mistress Stascia was a good slave but now she has turned Domme, and in the dungeon with her male slave she holds nothing back, bondage, nipple torture cock and ball torture with very heavy weights, stinging nettles, lemon juice rubbed in the sore bits...and much more ...

The Training ... 0
The Training ... 1
The Training ... 2
The Training ... 3
The Training ... 4

Master Keith has two slavegirls in this movies, he begins but attaching chains to Suzi's cunt piercings and making her kneel so he can rest his feet, meanwhile he attaches clamps to Hillies nipples and fastens her ot the St Andrews Cross, he makes Suzi stand infront then whips her cunt !!!

Slave Cindy Rides Hot Lava Lamp . . . . .  0
Slave Cindy Rides Hot Lava Lamp . . . . .  1
Slave Cindy Rides Hot Lava Lamp . . . . .  2
Slave Cindy Rides Hot Lava Lamp . . . . .  3
Slave Cindy Rides Hot Lava Lamp . . . . .  4

Master Keith is ingenious, he always seems to manage to find a use for things that really have another use and here is no excpetion.. Salve Cindy likes to fuck, to ride  ... So Master grabs a Lava Lamp and no sooner said than done and Cindy is riding the thing !!!... Hot stuff...

Rhiannon's Blues  0
Rhiannon's Blues  1
Rhiannon's Blues  2
Rhiannon's Blues  3
Rhiannon's Blues  4

Goddess Demonic is fed up with her slaves playing around and whinging ... One has not done the ironing, the other has not opened her bowels... Out comes the enema and slave Dannielle is subjected to a good clear out, but in a different way than usual no wonder poor Rhiannon is blue...But Goddess laughs and then sends both slaves to shower and Rhiannon gets her wish, a 2nd tummy piercing, done by slave Danielle... !!!>..

Demonics Pony Slave.... 0
Demonics Pony Slave.... 1
Demonics Pony Slave.... 2
Demonics Pony Slave.... 3
Demonics Pony Slave.... 4

Goddess Demonic has one of her slaves tied to an old wagon, the other is put into a chariot for his training, she has him pull her around the filed before she goes over ot the other male slave... There is flogging, whipping, humiliation, stinging nettles, gags, and so much more DO NOT MISS THIS MOVIE !!!!

Masters Stretched Slavegirl ... 0
Masters Stretched Slavegirl ... 1
Masters Stretched Slavegirl ... 2
Masters Stretched Slavegirl ... 3
Masters Stretched Slavegirl ... 4

Master Keith makes his slave get off the whipping horse and kiss his boots, then he suspends her from the crucifix, gags her, puts clamps and weights on her cunt lips .... She is eventually taken down only to be tied to the swinging bench for Masters fun !

Slave Lou's Torment part 2  The Candles... 0
Slave Lou's Torment part 2  The Candles... 1
Slave Lou's Torment part 2  The Candles... 2
Slave Lou's Torment part 2  The Candles... 3
Slave Lou's Torment part 2  The Candles... 4

Slave Lou is tightly corsetted, Master Keith has put her tits in a tit clamp, he used hypodermic needles and birthday cake cadles to put into her tits andl it them so wax drips down, he takes a lfogger and uses that on her tits ... Then he takes the clamp off and makes her play at being a puppy before putting herinto 4 point suspension and drippig wax from candles on her cunt ...

Miss Cameo's  Slavegirl Torment 0
Miss Cameo's  Slavegirl Torment 1
Miss Cameo's  Slavegirl Torment 2
Miss Cameo's  Slavegirl Torment 3
Miss Cameo's  Slavegirl Torment 4

Miss Cameo puts chains and weights on her female slaves cunt lips and adds weights, then she uses a crop to make them swing until they fall off!!, now bend over girl . . . Rhiannons arse is cropped and eventualy she is sent upstairs to get something for her Mistress... on her return Miss Cameo uses her as an ashtray and lets Rhiannon worship and lick her cunt...