Slavegirls Holiday Collection 0
Slavegirls Holiday Collection 1
Slavegirls Holiday Collection 2
Slavegirls Holiday Collection 3
Slavegirls Holiday Collection 4

 Master Keith has taken one of his slavegirls on holiday, he's taken her for a trot through the village and then suspended her outdoors.

Pony Training

Master Keith and Slave Suzi15:06 minutesPony Play
Pony Training 0
Pony Training 1
Pony Training 2
Pony Training 3
Pony Training 4
Master has his slave prove how well she can pull a cart round his workshop whilst high stepping in full pony gear and then gets a team of ponies ready for a big show.

Pony Girl Stable

Master Keith15:47 minutesBDSM
Pony Girl Stable 0
Pony Girl Stable 1
Pony Girl Stable 2
Pony Girl Stable 3
Pony Girl Stable 4

The Slaves are bound in pony gear, and are made to march like a pony, in training and put in stables, they are whipped and spanked and ridden

Pony Girl Workshop

Master Keith15:53 minutesBDSM
Pony Girl Workshop 0
Pony Girl Workshop 1
Pony Girl Workshop 2
Pony Girl Workshop 3
Pony Girl Workshop 4

two slaves are first taken into the woods, tied up and whipped, they are later on suspended, one than swings weights from her pussy, than one girl is taken back to the workshop, and is trained as a pony girl, and pulls a cart around in tight rubber clothing, and is taken for a run around the block

Mistress Demonics Pony girl, the 1st day.  0
Mistress Demonics Pony girl, the 1st day.  1
Mistress Demonics Pony girl, the 1st day.  2
Mistress Demonics Pony girl, the 1st day.  3
Mistress Demonics Pony girl, the 1st day.  4

Mistress Demonic has a new slave girl and decides she would probably make a good pony, so its training day, the pony is bridled up and taught how to high step and much more..

Ponygirl Workshop

Master Billy and Master Keith15:52 minutesBDSM
Ponygirl Workshop 0
Ponygirl Workshop 1
Ponygirl Workshop 2
Ponygirl Workshop 3
Ponygirl Workshop 4

Master Keith takes his ponygirls into the woods to play, he ties them to tree's , whips and torments them, then its back to his workshop for some trotting and exercise but he gets bored so harnesses one up and takes her out in the streets for all the passersby to see !!!