3 Slavegirls Poledance for Master. 0
3 Slavegirls Poledance for Master. 1
3 Slavegirls Poledance for Master. 2
3 Slavegirls Poledance for Master. 3
3 Slavegirls Poledance for Master. 4

Three pretty slavegirls and Master Keith, well, anything could happen here... Two are in the cage and are let out, but their sister slave Charlie seems to be taking charge here. Cuffs are put on Rhiannon, and Charlie fastens leads to the other two... Slave Rhiannon is made to dance, and a good job she makes of it as well... BUT this is, of course, Master Keith. And it won't stop at just dancing!

Goth Slave Rebuke

11:22 minutesBDSM
Goth Slave Rebuke 0
Goth Slave Rebuke 1
Goth Slave Rebuke 2
Goth Slave Rebuke 3
Goth Slave Rebuke 4

Goth Slave is lead around by a lead, she is than pinned down her Mistress, she is than made to pole dance, if she does not she is whipped, whilst she is dancing she is stroked with the whip as a reminder to keep dancing, she is than tied up to he cross and has her arse whipped, once taken down she is made to pole dance again, whilst having her arse whipped, she is than made to crawl on the floor to the bench, where is than tied and spanked, once taken down she untied she is layed on the floor whilst her Mistress steps on her.

Poledance Bondage

Master Keith14:20 minutesBondage
Poledance Bondage 0
Poledance Bondage 1
Poledance Bondage 2
Poledance Bondage 3
Poledance Bondage 4

Master Keith thinks it would be fun to put his new slave in bondage ...then make her poledance!!!

Bondage Poledancing. ... 0
Bondage Poledancing. ... 1
Bondage Poledancing. ... 2
Bondage Poledancing. ... 3
Bondage Poledancing. ... 4

Suagalump is wearing a pretty rope harness, her legs and wrists are tied and she is gagged , and tied to a tree, but kindly Maaster Keith does not leave her there for too long, he comes and releases her but only for the fun to start !

Master's Slavegirl gets Spanked ... 0
Master's Slavegirl gets Spanked ... 1
Master's Slavegirl gets Spanked ... 2
Master's Slavegirl gets Spanked ... 3
Master's Slavegirl gets Spanked ... 4

Pretty Slavegirl Charlie is tied ot the cross when Master Keith arrives, he wastes no time in adding some clamos to her pussy lips and nipples... Then it is over the spanking bench for a good spanking and flogging .....

Master's Slavegirl Cums . .  0
Master's Slavegirl Cums . .  1
Master's Slavegirl Cums . .  2
Master's Slavegirl Cums . .  3
Master's Slavegirl Cums . .  4

Pretty Charlie is one of Master Keiths favorite slaves, and like all girls she is foreverp laying with her cunt.. And today is no execption, well apaprt from the fact that Master Keith is there !!!