Slave Girl Duel

Master Billy and Master Keith16:08 minutesBDSM
Slave Girl Duel 0
Slave Girl Duel 1
Slave Girl Duel 2
Slave Girl Duel 3
Slave Girl Duel 4

 Master Keith gets two of his slavegirls to have a duel with paddles and a tug of war with pussy chains. He then trots one of them round and spanks both of them.

The Judge's Prison Girls

15:39 minutesBDSM
The Judge's Prison Girls 0
The Judge's Prison Girls 1
The Judge's Prison Girls 2
The Judge's Prison Girls 3
The Judge's Prison Girls 4

 The Judge has found some bad girls who with his staff's help need to be bought in and taught a lesson...

Slave Girls Spanking

20:58 minutesBDSM
 Slave Girls Spanking 0
 Slave Girls Spanking 1
 Slave Girls Spanking 2
 Slave Girls Spanking 3
 Slave Girls Spanking 4

Slave girl is found leaning against the wall with her arse pushed out, she is than spanked by her Mistress, and paddles, until her arse is red, she is than made to crawl on all fours and is whipped as she does so. Later she is put over her Mistresses knees and is once again spanked, another Mistress enters and both Mistresses proceed to spank and whip her, and flick her nipples.

Mistress Waits   Part One 0
Mistress Waits   Part One 1
Mistress Waits   Part One 2
Mistress Waits   Part One 3
Mistress Waits   Part One 4

Naughty Crystal has kept her Mistress Waiting while she goes off to meet her friends and Mistress is not amused, so she takes crystal down into her dungeon and teaches her a lesson for being late and keeping Mistress Waiting. ..

Rhiannon's Blues  0
Rhiannon's Blues  1
Rhiannon's Blues  2
Rhiannon's Blues  3
Rhiannon's Blues  4

Goddess Demonic is fed up with her slaves playing around and whinging ... One has not done the ironing, the other has not opened her bowels... Out comes the enema and slave Dannielle is subjected to a good clear out, but in a different way than usual no wonder poor Rhiannon is blue...But Goddess laughs and then sends both slaves to shower and Rhiannon gets her wish, a 2nd tummy piercing, done by slave Danielle... !!!>..