Miss Serenity's Dungeon 0
Miss Serenity's Dungeon 1
Miss Serenity's Dungeon 2
Miss Serenity's Dungeon 3
Miss Serenity's Dungeon 4
Attractive blonde Mistress Serenity takes her slave through his paces. She starts off with having him worship her feet, she then ties him to the whipping bench in preparation for what's coming next. Mistress then spanks her slave, starting off with a flogging, moving to the crop and then giving him an intense paddling.
Runaway Slave Dog 0
Runaway Slave Dog 1
Runaway Slave Dog 2
Runaway Slave Dog 3
Runaway Slave Dog 4
A runaway slave dog belonging to the Mistresses of Demonic's Dungeon has returned. Miss Cameo and Mistress Demonic are disgusted by his pathetic behaviour and they're determined to make him pay for his insubordination. He is made to serve as an ashtray slave - cigarettes put out in his hand before he is made to eat the butts. They tease and humiliate him, making him beg for his punishment. He is put over a whipping bench, but before the Mistresses beat him, they decide his arse is far too hairy. They burn the hair from him as he squeals and yelps in pain. He receives his beating from both Mistresses at once as they paddle his arse, one cheek each. Next they proceed to his feet, applying a cruel bastinado session as they paddle the bottoms of his feet. His balls are paddled as well before he's made to get off the whipping bench and eat his dog food from his bowl. The Mistresses use him as a foot stool while he eats before he's doused in flea spray. After more punishment, the slave dog is branded with a cautery pen on his arse to make sure he can't run away again. Since he's already burned, the Mistresses amuse themselves by dropping lit matches on their pathetic, whimpering dog. Let's hope nobody called the RSCPA!

Mistresses play thing

16:13 minutesBDSM
Mistresses play thing 0
Mistresses play thing 1
Mistresses play thing 2
Mistresses play thing 3
Mistresses play thing 4

The slave is found lounging around in her cage, she is than suited up in her corset, which ia tightened, she is than strapped up and has pegs put on her nipples, she then has her breasts paddles and has weights hung from her nipples and has her pussy paddled as well, she than has a violet wand teased over her vagina, and is fingered by her mistress and is denied from cumming on several occasions

Young Mistresses Runt . . . .  0
Young Mistresses Runt . . . .  1
Young Mistresses Runt . . . .  2
Young Mistresses Runt . . . .  3
Young Mistresses Runt . . . .  4

Ex Slaves make great Dominatrices or so it is said, and 3 ex slaves really know how to treat another, or do they??.. Salve Crystal had sneaked out and came back only to find the 3 new Dommes enjoying a chat, Crystal soon regrets her actions as the 3 of them whip, spank, paddle and flog her  as well as putting very heavy weights on her cunt piercings

Jades Caning

Mistress Demonic14:04 minutesFemdom
Jades Caning 0
Jades Caning 1
Jades Caning 2
Jades Caning 3
Jades Caning 4

Jade has really displeased Mistress Demonic, and so its off to the dungeon for punishment.... Jade is put on the spanking bench and spanked, paddled , cropped and caned while the Demonic one smiles , Jade yelps !!!

Geishas First Punishment 0
Geishas First Punishment 1
Geishas First Punishment 2
Geishas First Punishment 3
Geishas First Punishment 4

Master Keith has a new slave girl, and she has just erant herslef her forst puinshment for misbehaving .. She is taken to the dungeon, naked and her arms tied above her head, he pulls and twists her nipples then puts her over the whipping bench, once secured he grabs a paddle and paddles her arse harshly before untying her and re-suspending her arms above her head adding mouse traps to her nipples ...

Enema Blues 0
Enema Blues 1
Enema Blues 2
Enema Blues 3
Enema Blues 4

Slave Rhiannon is in the shower  shaving her cunt and decides to play with herself a little,  Goddess Demonic comes in & catches the slave girl playing with her tits and cunt & berates her telling her to hurry up and come to the Dungeon, Rhiannon wastes no time and quickly rinses and runs to the stairs where Slave Danielle is coming down bearing flowers for Goddess, both slaves go into the dungeon and Goddess takes the flowers and throws them to the lfoor... Now the fun begins, its enemas and two slaves outside both shivering !!!!


Master Keith and Ms Montana22:44 minutesDomination
Headmaster 0
Headmaster 1
Headmaster 2
Headmaster 3
Headmaster 4

Naughty pupils get reprimanded and this time tit will be the Headmaster, a good spanking, caning and paddling will soon sort her behavoir out, wearing a short skirt and non regulation knickers will not be allowed ever !

Mistress Danhellas' Electric Slavegirl 0
Mistress Danhellas' Electric Slavegirl 1
Mistress Danhellas' Electric Slavegirl 2
Mistress Danhellas' Electric Slavegirl 3
Mistress Danhellas' Electric Slavegirl 4

After letting Slave Rhiannon out of the cage Mistress Danhella puts rack for the violet wand to the slavegirls tits and pussy... Then the slave is taken to the shower room & allowed to masturbate.

Caned Runaway Slavedog .... 0
Caned Runaway Slavedog .... 1
Caned Runaway Slavedog .... 2
Caned Runaway Slavedog .... 3
Caned Runaway Slavedog .... 4

The Slavedog has pissed Mistress Demonic off and it is time he had retribution . . .A good caning will soon sort him out, but its not just a good caning he receives . . . .