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Slave Comet has really made his Mistress very cross indeed... Naughty Comet has been watching PORN and Mistress is going ot make him pay for his naughtiness... Poor Comet is subjected to nipple torture, cock and ball torture and some serious verbal !!!

Oriental Slavegirls Punishment 0
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Master Keith arrives home with slave Coco in tow and he is not happy with her at all, they have barely got through the dooro and he is telling her off... Soon she is taken to his dungeon, once there he makes her strip and tightens up her corset... Mistress Persia soon arrives and slave coco is well and truly punished.

Rebellious Blonde

Master Keith and Slave J19:13 minutesBDSM
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Slave J is a mouthy rebellious piece of work and Master Keith fully intends to take her down a peg or two ... He pops a breast clamp on and cuffs her wrists to the chimney breat and adds a leg spreader bar ... A chain is attached to the breast clamp and he adds large medical steel hooks up her cunt & clamps on her cunt lips ... the chain to her breasts is on a winch as are the hooks and he wastes no time using the winch to tighten everything, suddenly Rhiannon arrives so Master leaves her to torment slave J .... but thats not all, watch and find out what happens to the rebellious Slave J !!!

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Master Keith loves to be outside enjoying the sunshine, and he enjoys it even more when he has Slavegirls to torment !! Here he has Slave Suzi in the woods and he puts her through some pussy torment with weights and floggers, and tree's make great items to tie young ladies to !!