The Very Rebellious Blonde Slave... 0
The Very Rebellious Blonde Slave... 1
The Very Rebellious Blonde Slave... 2
The Very Rebellious Blonde Slave... 3
The Very Rebellious Blonde Slave... 4

Master Keith is so fed up of Slave J , she is rude, gobby, rebellious, and totally obnoxious, so Master decides it is high time she was taught a lesson she will not forget .... And he enlists the help of Master Nyle to help... Firstly she is put onto the St Andrews Cross where needles and chains are put thru her nipples, lots of ropes and chains are added before she is put over the whipping horse and her arse is beaten !!!

Gas Mask and Lace Slavegirl  0
Gas Mask and Lace Slavegirl  1
Gas Mask and Lace Slavegirl  2
Gas Mask and Lace Slavegirl  3
Gas Mask and Lace Slavegirl  4

Master Keith has Slave Crystal in a gas mask, he puts her huge tits in bondage and adds clamps and weights, he has fixed up chains to her pussy piericngs so everytime her legs move the lips are pulled... He laces her corset wise...

Nightmare Nurses

Mistress Danhella31:11 minutesFemdom
Nightmare Nurses 0
Nightmare Nurses 1
Nightmare Nurses 2
Nightmare Nurses 3
Nightmare Nurses 4

Mistess Danhella and Miss Sin really are a nightmare, well at least slave toby thinks so as he subjected to humiliation, needles and ball torment!!

Karina's Correction. 0
Karina's Correction. 1
Karina's Correction. 2
Karina's Correction. 3
Karina's Correction. 4

Master Keith decides to do some needle play on Slave Karina, he begins by putting some through her pussy lips and adding a lovely ribbon to keep her labia together, then its onto her nipples where he places 2 in each and adds a chain which is then used to pull her tits upwards on the suspension winch... but thats not all as he also adds heavy weights to the ribbon and needles on her pussy !!!!

TS Slave Raylene's Remorse.  0
TS Slave Raylene's Remorse.  1
TS Slave Raylene's Remorse.  2
TS Slave Raylene's Remorse.  3
TS Slave Raylene's Remorse.  4

Transgendered Slave Raylene is in the cage and Master Keith arrives and lets her out, he cuffs her ankles & wrists and takes her into his dungeon, she will be remorseful when he has finished with her thats for certain... Her clothes are removed and she is chained up, then he puts her tits in bondage, gags her puts needles through her nipples & clamps on her pussy lips adding some weights for good measure!!... But is that all? ...NO of course not after all Master keith is at large!!!