Master's Fun in the Woods 0
Master's Fun in the Woods 1
Master's Fun in the Woods 2
Master's Fun in the Woods 3
Master's Fun in the Woods 4

Master Keith is with his cohort Master Bill. They're obviously planning something... And it's not long before we know exactly what these two are up to. There's bondage, humiliation and so much more...

Kia Gets Masters Shocks 0
Kia Gets Masters Shocks 1
Kia Gets Masters Shocks 2
Kia Gets Masters Shocks 3
Kia Gets Masters Shocks 4

Master Keith has decided to give Slave girl Kia a shock or two... or three, or more! He makes her lay on floor and pulls her pussy lips about before inserting an electric probe into her cunt, then he connects it to the electric box and has great fun playing with the controls!

Breast Waxing

14:57 minutesFemdom
Breast Waxing  0
Breast Waxing  1
Breast Waxing  2
Breast Waxing  3
Breast Waxing  4

Mistress has a pretty slavegirl and Mistress loves nothing more than playing with candles resulting in hot wax being poured, in this instance on the slaves tits.

Kia's Suspension

Master Keith and Slave Kia21:23 minutesBDSM
Kia's Suspension 0
Kia's Suspension 1
Kia's Suspension 2
Kia's Suspension 3
Kia's Suspension 4

Master Keith takes Slavegirl Kai down into his dungeon, once there he puts clamps on her pussy lips and adds chains to keep them open, then it is onto suspension for her with some pussy fingering as well... up and up she goes suspended by her wrists and ankles with a wide open pussy!

Slave Girl Duel

Master Billy and Master Keith16:08 minutesBDSM
Slave Girl Duel 0
Slave Girl Duel 1
Slave Girl Duel 2
Slave Girl Duel 3
Slave Girl Duel 4

 Master Keith gets two of his slavegirls to have a duel with paddles and a tug of war with pussy chains. He then trots one of them round and spanks both of them.

Geishas First Whipping

Master Keith15:35 minutesBDSM
Geishas First Whipping 0
Geishas First Whipping 1
Geishas First Whipping 2
Geishas First Whipping 3
Geishas First Whipping 4

Geisha is naked, Master likes naked bodies and more so when he gets to whip and flog them ..

Shop Girls Calamity

Master Keith15:12 minutesBDSM
Shop Girls Calamity 0
Shop Girls Calamity 1
Shop Girls Calamity 2
Shop Girls Calamity 3
Shop Girls Calamity 4

Master Keith visits the shop he owns and he is not happy at all, the shop assiestant has not been doing her job at all well and he WILLpunish her for her misdeeds... she is cged, corseted, tranpled and alot more

Slavegirls Plucking 0
Slavegirls Plucking 1
Slavegirls Plucking 2
Slavegirls Plucking 3
Slavegirls Plucking 4

Ohhh dear poor Danielle is in trouble once more... she was out and Mistress Demonic finds out.. she is subjected to humiliation outside infront of her sister slave then its in the dungeon for a caning and Sophia is told to pluck the pubic hairs from her pussy ...

Machine Bons and chastity shocks 0
Machine Bons and chastity shocks 1
Machine Bons and chastity shocks 2
Machine Bons and chastity shocks 3
Machine Bons and chastity shocks 4

Nini is a naughty girl, always wants fucking and Mater Keith is oging to teach her a lesson.. its on with an electric chastity belt that soon has nini screaming out and dancing... then being as fucking figures most heavily for her he puts her on a fucking machine!

Scrubbers Chores

Master Keith15:39 minutesFemdom
Scrubbers Chores 0
Scrubbers Chores 1
Scrubbers Chores 2
Scrubbers Chores 3
Scrubbers Chores 4

Master Keith decides it is time that slave Becki cleaned up the house... she dustes, polishes and cleans all under the watchful eye of Master...