Slave Girls Arsehole Stretch Part One

2018-04-10 Master Keith and Slave Annika 17:34 minutes BDSM
Slave Girls Arsehole Stretch Part One  0
Slave Girls Arsehole Stretch Part One  1
Slave Girls Arsehole Stretch Part One  2
Slave Girls Arsehole Stretch Part One  3
Slave Girls Arsehole Stretch Part One  4

Master Keith has a good friend, Mr B Stretch, and Mr Stretch loves nothing more than using his hand made wooden arsehole stretchers on female slaves. They are so beautifully made, and he inserts them in size order stretching Annika's arse more and more...

Slave Girls' Punishment

2016-08-10 Master Keith 32:59 minutes Domination
Slave Girls' Punishment 0
Slave Girls' Punishment 1
Slave Girls' Punishment 2
Slave Girls' Punishment 3
Slave Girls' Punishment 4
Master Keith takes two young slavegirls into his dungeon and puts them through their paces.

The Training ...

2014-03-13 Master Keith, Slave Hillie, and Slave Suzi 14:59 minutes BDSM
The Training ... 0
The Training ... 1
The Training ... 2
The Training ... 3
The Training ... 4

Master Keith has two slavegirls in this movies, he begins but attaching chains to Suzi's cunt piercings and making her kneel so he can rest his feet, meanwhile he attaches clamps to Hillies nipples and fastens her ot the St Andrews Cross, he makes Suzi stand infront then whips her cunt !!!

His new Table

2013-09-04 4:23 minutes BDSM
His new Table 0
His new Table 1
His new Table 2
His new Table 3
His new Table 4

Master Keith has a new slavegirl and he really thinks she is good for nothing...well she may just make a good table and so he makes her into one ...

Geishas First Punishment

2013-08-14 Master Keith 18:08 minutes BDSM
Geishas First Punishment 0
Geishas First Punishment 1
Geishas First Punishment 2
Geishas First Punishment 3
Geishas First Punishment 4

Master Keith has a new slave girl, and she has just erant herslef her forst puinshment for misbehaving .. She is taken to the dungeon, naked and her arms tied above her head, he pulls and twists her nipples then puts her over the whipping bench, once secured he grabs a paddle and paddles her arse harshly before untying her and re-suspending her arms above her head adding mouse traps to her nipples ...