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Slave girl Rhiannon has been sent to Master Keith, she arrives at his shop wearing a coat, suspender belt and stockings!.. He soon has her fitted out in a different belt plus a tightly laced corset and takes her down into his dungeon... Then it's into the cage with her wrists padlocked to the bars, on to tit torment, biting, clamps and slapping . . . . .

The Slave is Late

Mistress Demonic23:29 minutesFemdom
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The Slave is Late 3
The Slave is Late 4

Oh dear it looks like Slave Leo is in trouble, he is late back from a night out and Mistress Demonic is not at all happy about that... So once in her dungeon Leo is subjected to humiliation, electro torment and bondage , but he is permitted to massage his Mistress' feet.

TV made to Suck  0
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TV made to Suck  4

Mistress Demonic is interviewing today and a TV Slut turns up for the interview but it is not all it seems and although given the job this slave has no idea what Mistress has in store until she is summonded and told to please the male client..WITH HER MOUTH!!< of ocurse she does not do it properly and the other ladies laugh and take the piss until Mistress decides its time to teach oral pleasure properly ...

Goth gets her girl

Slave Goth16:03 minutesFemdom
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Lesbian goth Anna is so pissed off with her girlfriend, so she entices her to a dungeon, once there she cuffs the girl, puts her up on the cross all the time giving her non stop verbal and telling her exactly what she thinks ... she grabs a flogger and gives the slaves pussy a good flogging , eventually the slave is taken down from the cross only to be put over the whipping bench for more punishment!!

Begging of Slaves TV Training 0
Begging of Slaves TV Training 1
Begging of Slaves TV Training 2
Begging of Slaves TV Training 3
Begging of Slaves TV Training 4

Marcin is brought to the shop for some female clothing by his beautiful girlfriend, but its not for her!!!... she chooses a corset and meanwhile downstairs Mistress Demonic awaits ... It is not long before Marcin is taken downstairs and becomes Marcella!!...

Suspended Blonde Slave

Master Keith and Slave J35:42 minutesBDSM
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Suspended Blonde Slave 4

Slave J is wilful, tedious, mouthy, rude and Master Keith decides to teach her a lession... He dresses her in a very tight corset, gags her, adds a breast clamp and cuffs as well as chains, speader bars are also added to her arms and legs .. He then puts mouse traps on her nipples and large hooks up her cunt and then he suspends her off the floor..

The Pigs Ball Kicking 0
The Pigs Ball Kicking 1
The Pigs Ball Kicking 2
The Pigs Ball Kicking 3
The Pigs Ball Kicking 4

Goddess Demonic & Lady Trinity decide that the slavedog needs to have a good hard ball kicking, he is made to stand in various positions while the Demonic one gets to work kicking him time and time and time again right in the bollocks, but thats not all she uses lit cigarettes to remove his body hair, he is verbally humiliated, used as an ashtray, made to eat their lit cigarettes and clean Lady Trinitys shoes.... and the 2 Dommes really enjoy his pain !!!

Mistress Danhellas' Electric Slavegirl 30 mins 0
Mistress Danhellas' Electric Slavegirl 30 mins 1
Mistress Danhellas' Electric Slavegirl 30 mins 2
Mistress Danhellas' Electric Slavegirl 30 mins 3
Mistress Danhellas' Electric Slavegirl 30 mins 4

Mistress Danhella has Rhinannon in the cgae & arrives and takes her out only to put her straight over the whipping horse and giving her a dammed good spanking, cropping & caning.... then its onto the rack, stretched and out comes the violet wand, Mistress uses the Violet Wand on her nipples, and pussy! . . . and what a good shot she is with it, you can see the sparks fly from the nipple piercings and right on the nipple end !!.. Rhiannon also endures pussy slapping ...Rhiannon is then taken to the shower room where she pisses on her & then Rhiannon  is allowed to masturbate while Mistress uses the heels of her stilettos on the slaves nipples and tits ...

Caned Runaway Slavedog .... 0
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Caned Runaway Slavedog .... 3
Caned Runaway Slavedog .... 4

The Slavedog has pissed Mistress Demonic off and it is time he had retribution . . .A good caning will soon sort him out, but its not just a good caning he receives . . . .

Headmaster 0
Headmaster 1
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Headmaster 3
Headmaster 4

Ms Montana is not at all happy, infact she is so cross with one poarticular pupil she reports thehapless girl to the Headmaster who is non other than Master Keith... After all non regulation skirt, shoes and panties must be dealt with and Headmaster knows just how to deal with naughty young ladies..And of course Headmaster's lunch has been disturbed, so after listening to Ms Montana it's of to the naughty cupboard for the girl and after a while she is let out only ot be soundly spanked , paddled and caned by Headmaster....