Whipped, Bagged and Banged 0
Whipped, Bagged and Banged 1
Whipped, Bagged and Banged 2
Whipped, Bagged and Banged 3
Whipped, Bagged and Banged 4

Master has a new slave girl.. he begins by giving her a good whipping before putting her onto the fucking machine ..well she wanted fucking ...

Mistresses Bag....

15:51 minutesFemdom
Mistresses Bag.... 0
Mistresses Bag.... 1
Mistresses Bag.... 2
Mistresses Bag.... 3
Mistresses Bag.... 4

Mistress Cruella is a pretty alternative Domina, she is such a nasty Bitch!, She sits on her thorne and has her slavel ight her cigarette while she ingnores him , she then puts him into a leather body bag and does it up before adding rope making sure it is really really tight ...

Head Prefects Revenge... 0
Head Prefects Revenge... 1
Head Prefects Revenge... 2
Head Prefects Revenge... 3
Head Prefects Revenge... 4

The head Prefect intends to get revenge on the Head Mistress, and she soon has her over the desk and hands out a taste of what Head Mistress Demonic usually hands out to others !!!!

Slavegirl in Trouble for Smoking 0
Slavegirl in Trouble for Smoking 1
Slavegirl in Trouble for Smoking 2
Slavegirl in Trouble for Smoking 3
Slavegirl in Trouble for Smoking 4

Naughty slave girl Crystal was told by Master Keith NOT to smoke, and of course she disobeyed and the silly slave got caught and must now suffer the consequences...She is gagged and bound and clamps with heavy weights are hung from her cunt lips.