Correction Unit One

14:05 minutesBDSM
Correction Unit One 0
Correction Unit One 1
Correction Unit One 2
Correction Unit One 3
Correction Unit One 4

If you misbehave and do wrong you get punished simple... Here a very naughty lady has been sent to the Correction Unit by the Judge, once there she will be punished as befits her crime...

Slave Painting 0
Slave Painting 1
Slave Painting 2
Slave Painting 3
Slave Painting 4

Slave Rhiannon has been misbehaving agaain so Master Keith sets her a task of painting a wall... IN THE NUDE!, but Mistress Demonic is not happy with the speed the slave is painting, albeit Rhiannon has been given the smallest paint roller in the world, Mistress soon humiliates her and makes her paint faster...