Hooded, chained and fisted 0
Hooded, chained and fisted 1
Hooded, chained and fisted 2
Hooded, chained and fisted 3
Hooded, chained and fisted 4

Master Keith places a hood over his slave girl so that she can no see, she is than put on a chain and lead to the swing, she is than chained and strapped up on the swing, and has a large, thick, black dildo inserted into her vagina. Master Keith than uses his foot to fuck her with the dildo, once he has lubbed it back up he than fucks her hard with the dildo, once she is loosened up, he than fists her.

Whipped, Bagged and Banged 0
Whipped, Bagged and Banged 1
Whipped, Bagged and Banged 2
Whipped, Bagged and Banged 3
Whipped, Bagged and Banged 4

Master has a new slave girl.. he begins by giving her a good whipping before putting her onto the fucking machine ..well she wanted fucking ...

Mistresses Bag....

15:51 minutesFemdom
Mistresses Bag.... 0
Mistresses Bag.... 1
Mistresses Bag.... 2
Mistresses Bag.... 3
Mistresses Bag.... 4

Mistress Cruella is a pretty alternative Domina, she is such a nasty Bitch!, She sits on her thorne and has her slavel ight her cigarette while she ingnores him , she then puts him into a leather body bag and does it up before adding rope making sure it is really really tight ...

Pegging of Carol

Master Keith15:35 minutesBDSM
Pegging of Carol 0
Pegging of Carol 1
Pegging of Carol 2
Pegging of Carol 3
Pegging of Carol 4

Master Keith takes his slave to the dungeon, he makes her lay on a bench and secured her before putting clothes pegs on her cunt lips, he pulls them and twists them, lights a candle and burns some of her pussy hair off before finally removing the pegs only to replace them with clamps !!!

Captive Slave

Mistress Demonic15:47 minutesFemdom
Captive Slave 0
Captive Slave 1
Captive Slave 2
Captive Slave 3
Captive Slave 4

Goddess Demonic has a slave captive in an old outbuilding, she pputs a crusher on his cock and balls and humiliates him verbally before grabbing a flogger and using that on him ...more follows but you will just have to watch the movie to see what does happen !

A day in the life of Goddess Demonic 0
A day in the life of Goddess Demonic 1
A day in the life of Goddess Demonic 2
A day in the life of Goddess Demonic 3
A day in the life of Goddess Demonic 4

With not one but 3 slaves to deal with Goddess Demonic is certainly a busy lady... Firstly she punishes Slave Leia with a good hard spanking and caning, then just to make the female slave feel really bad, Goddess sends her to dress in something more Dominant looking as she is to help Goddess with her other slaves... Enter Fifi La Poo, late again and in big trouble for bringing Goddess Lillies... off with her maids out fit and onto cock and ball torture, bondage, electrics and so much more... meanwhile Goddess deals with another male slave giving him plenty of CBT and humiliation... Slave Leia is made to cane and spank Fifi with Goddess !!!!......Do not miss this full length film its so full of sadism and humiliation. A full 72 minutes of Goddess Demonic's cruelty !!!

The Torment of Carol

Master Keith14:27 minutesBDSM
The Torment of Carol  0
The Torment of Carol  1
The Torment of Carol  2
The Torment of Carol  3
The Torment of Carol  4

It all starts with a hook through Carols clit hood piercing, a chain is added and it is then hooked to the ceiling pulling the clit hood upwards !, then Master Keith applies lots of lcothes pegs to her pussy lips ... A vibrator is then put up her pussy and used before he removes the pegs and grabs a ribbed vibrator and uses that too!!!... He eventually releases her lcit hood, unties her and makes her carry him around the dungeon on her bakc,.. of course thats not all, this is Master Keith after all . . . .

The Caning of Carol ...  0
The Caning of Carol ...  1
The Caning of Carol ...  2
The Caning of Carol ...  3
The Caning of Carol ...  4

Slave Carol is hooded in Masters dungeon, He soon has her tied with her arse sticking out and he gives it a good hard flogging, he fingers her cunt then ties her again and flogging and caning take place... Please note this is an archived film and the quality may not be as good as more reent films...

Miss Gimp...Day One

Master Keith and Slave Gimp16:53 minutesBDSM
Miss Gimp...Day One 0
Miss Gimp...Day One 1
Miss Gimp...Day One 2
Miss Gimp...Day One 3
Miss Gimp...Day One 4

It's Miss Gimps 1st day as Master Keith's slave !!... she is found in a cage in his dungeon corseted, hooded and gagged... But she is not there for long and he after a flogging he takes her ot his other dungeon puts some cuffs on her, clamps and weights are put on her labia , soon bored with this he then lays her on the swinging bench and inserts large objects up her pussy and pushes them in with his boot !!!!!!!