Master & Mistress Playtime  0
Master & Mistress Playtime  1
Master & Mistress Playtime  2
Master & Mistress Playtime  3
Master & Mistress Playtime  4

Mistress DeVille brings Salve Polly and Slave Charlie down into the dungeon, she makes them both kneel on all fours and then Master Keith arrives... Now the fun shall begin ( well it will for the Master & Mistress !!) Master soon removes Polly panties and helps Mistress put slave Charlie onto the crucifix and then Polly is tied over the whipping bench where a good spanking and cropping are given so her arse is sore and red....

A day in the life of Goddess Demonic 0
A day in the life of Goddess Demonic 1
A day in the life of Goddess Demonic 2
A day in the life of Goddess Demonic 3
A day in the life of Goddess Demonic 4

With not one but 3 slaves to deal with Goddess Demonic is certainly a busy lady... Firstly she punishes Slave Leia with a good hard spanking and caning, then just to make the female slave feel really bad, Goddess sends her to dress in something more Dominant looking as she is to help Goddess with her other slaves... Enter Fifi La Poo, late again and in big trouble for bringing Goddess Lillies... off with her maids out fit and onto cock and ball torture, bondage, electrics and so much more... meanwhile Goddess deals with another male slave giving him plenty of CBT and humiliation... Slave Leia is made to cane and spank Fifi with Goddess !!!!......Do not miss this full length film its so full of sadism and humiliation. A full 72 minutes of Goddess Demonic's cruelty !!!

Batman Caught in Demonics Web  0
Batman Caught in Demonics Web  1
Batman Caught in Demonics Web  2
Batman Caught in Demonics Web  3
Batman Caught in Demonics Web  4

Goddess Demonic has finally caught Batman, here she ties him up, gives him plenty of verbal humiliaton.. he truggles but to no avail he will NOT escape the clutches of the Demonic one.

Lazy Sunday in the Garden... 0
Lazy Sunday in the Garden... 1
Lazy Sunday in the Garden... 2
Lazy Sunday in the Garden... 3
Lazy Sunday in the Garden... 4

No Sunday is really lazy with Master Keith around !!... He has Slavegirls Kia & Rhiannon in the garden and he is going to have some fun... theres humiliation, bondage, latex , gags, flogging and so much more !!!!

Tormented In The Woods 0
Tormented In The Woods 1
Tormented In The Woods 2
Tormented In The Woods 3
Tormented In The Woods 4

Master Keith loves to be outside enjoying the sunshine, and he enjoys it even more when he has Slavegirls to torment !! Here he has Slave Suzi in the woods and he puts her through some pussy torment with weights and floggers, and tree's make great items to tie young ladies to !!

Ballet Boot Torment.  0
Ballet Boot Torment.  1
Ballet Boot Torment.  2
Ballet Boot Torment.  3
Ballet Boot Torment.  4

Beautiful Slave leia was a ballet dancer, and Master keith is not going to let her forget that... So its on with a tighly laced corset, corset gag (not often seen) , and of ocurse ballet boots, but is not work at the Bar or Enpoint that Leia is to undergo ...

Late Rent....

Master Keith and Slave Becki18:51 minutesBDSM
Late Rent.... 0
Late Rent.... 1
Late Rent.... 2
Late Rent.... 3
Late Rent.... 4

Oh dear yet again Slave Becki is late with her rent and Master Keith has had enough of her excuses and this time he will make sure she is never late with her rent again ... Along with his bitchy Mistress friend Becki is suspended, spanked, tormented and left chained to a toilet !!!

Prisoner Tied Down and Fucked... 0
Prisoner Tied Down and Fucked... 1
Prisoner Tied Down and Fucked... 2
Prisoner Tied Down and Fucked... 3
Prisoner Tied Down and Fucked... 4

Caged beauties, bondage and lots of cocks and cock succking and fucking ... Sahara even gets her cunt licked by the fmeale prison guard not to mention the 2 male guards that fuck her ...

Woodland Trotting....

Master Keith19:01 minutesBDSM
Woodland Trotting.... 0
Woodland Trotting.... 1
Woodland Trotting.... 2
Woodland Trotting.... 3
Woodland Trotting.... 4

Master Keith loves his ponies, especially when they are beautiful and ladies!... Here he has them in the woods for some well deserved pony training !!! They are put into arm binders, brides are added and then off Master goes sitting in his chariot pulled by two beautiful slavegirls...

Rebellious Blonde Slave

Master Keith and Slave J22:43 minutesBDSM
Rebellious Blonde Slave 0
Rebellious Blonde Slave 1
Rebellious Blonde Slave 2
Rebellious Blonde Slave 3
Rebellious Blonde Slave 4

Slave J is indeed a rebellious little cow and she is seen kicking Master Nyle's whip out of the way, being generally disruptive and disobedient, so up on the cross she goes, is gagged, blindfolded and tormented, but its not long before Master Keith arrives and with the use of pussy clamps, ropes and some severe torment does J finally shut up and start to behave ....