Slave Girl Bondage 0
Slave Girl Bondage 1
Slave Girl Bondage 2
Slave Girl Bondage 3
Slave Girl Bondage 4

Slave girl Rhiannon is teased on the verge of cumming, than has her nipples and vagina clamped, and than gagged, she is left in the cage for an hour clammpled, whilst her friend is in the next room, bound and gagged and un able to free herself, when Master Keith returns she is freed from the clamps, and has I'm a bad girl written on her chest, after this is done, she than once again brought on to the verge in cumming, but is not allowed to

Whipped, Bagged and Banged 0
Whipped, Bagged and Banged 1
Whipped, Bagged and Banged 2
Whipped, Bagged and Banged 3
Whipped, Bagged and Banged 4

Master has a new slave girl.. he begins by giving her a good whipping before putting her onto the fucking machine ..well she wanted fucking ...

Miss Sin in Trouble 0
Miss Sin in Trouble 1
Miss Sin in Trouble 2
Miss Sin in Trouble 3
Miss Sin in Trouble 4

Mistress Danhella has already tied slave rhiannon to the cross, she has gagged her and put nipple clamps on ... She oges off tonly to return with another slave girl.. Mistress cruelly twists rhiannnos nipples making her cry out in pain and it wont stop there, Miss sin is in trouble and gets some treatment !

Slavegirl in Trouble for Smoking 0
Slavegirl in Trouble for Smoking 1
Slavegirl in Trouble for Smoking 2
Slavegirl in Trouble for Smoking 3
Slavegirl in Trouble for Smoking 4

Naughty slave girl Crystal was told by Master Keith NOT to smoke, and of course she disobeyed and the silly slave got caught and must now suffer the consequences...She is gagged and bound and clamps with heavy weights are hung from her cunt lips.

Demonics Pony Slave.... 0
Demonics Pony Slave.... 1
Demonics Pony Slave.... 2
Demonics Pony Slave.... 3
Demonics Pony Slave.... 4

Goddess Demonic has one of her slaves tied to an old wagon, the other is put into a chariot for his training, she has him pull her around the filed before she goes over ot the other male slave... There is flogging, whipping, humiliation, stinging nettles, gags, and so much more DO NOT MISS THIS MOVIE !!!!

Master & Mistress Playtime  0
Master & Mistress Playtime  1
Master & Mistress Playtime  2
Master & Mistress Playtime  3
Master & Mistress Playtime  4

Mistress DeVille brings Salve Polly and Slave Charlie down into the dungeon, she makes them both kneel on all fours and then Master Keith arrives... Now the fun shall begin ( well it will for the Master & Mistress !!) Master soon removes Polly panties and helps Mistress put slave Charlie onto the crucifix and then Polly is tied over the whipping bench where a good spanking and cropping are given so her arse is sore and red....

Suspended Blonde Slave

Master Keith and Slave J35:42 minutesBDSM
Suspended Blonde Slave 0
Suspended Blonde Slave 1
Suspended Blonde Slave 2
Suspended Blonde Slave 3
Suspended Blonde Slave 4

Slave J is wilful, tedious, mouthy, rude and Master Keith decides to teach her a lession... He dresses her in a very tight corset, gags her, adds a breast clamp and cuffs as well as chains, speader bars are also added to her arms and legs .. He then puts mouse traps on her nipples and large hooks up her cunt and then he suspends her off the floor..

Lazy Sunday in the Garden... 0
Lazy Sunday in the Garden... 1
Lazy Sunday in the Garden... 2
Lazy Sunday in the Garden... 3
Lazy Sunday in the Garden... 4

No Sunday is really lazy with Master Keith around !!... He has Slavegirls Kia & Rhiannon in the garden and he is going to have some fun... theres humiliation, bondage, latex , gags, flogging and so much more !!!!

Breast Suspension

Master Keith and Slave Ana14:41 minutesBDSM
Breast Suspension 0
Breast Suspension 1
Breast Suspension 2
Breast Suspension 3
Breast Suspension 4

Master Keith ties Slave Ana's tits up tightly, he treads on them, whips them, squeezes, twists them  them,  and generally has a great time then he suspends her by those huge mammeries ...


Master Keith, Slave Hillie, and Slave Suzi16:32 minutesBDSM
Woodland 0
Woodland 1
Woodland 2
Woodland 3
Woodland 4

A lovely day to play outdoors thinks Master Keith and no sooner has he thought it and into the van go the female slaves for some outdoors fun and bondage ... Tree's are so handy ot tie ones Pony Girls to and discipline them !!!