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Young Mistresses Runt . . . .  4

Ex Slaves make great Dominatrices or so it is said, and 3 ex slaves really know how to treat another, or do they??.. Salve Crystal had sneaked out and came back only to find the 3 new Dommes enjoying a chat, Crystal soon regrets her actions as the 3 of them whip, spank, paddle and flog her  as well as putting very heavy weights on her cunt piercings

Ponygirl Workshop

Master Billy and Master Keith15:52 minutesBDSM
Ponygirl Workshop 0
Ponygirl Workshop 1
Ponygirl Workshop 2
Ponygirl Workshop 3
Ponygirl Workshop 4

Master Keith takes his ponygirls into the woods to play, he ties them to tree's , whips and torments them, then its back to his workshop for some trotting and exercise but he gets bored so harnesses one up and takes her out in the streets for all the passersby to see !!!

Jade's Chatisement . . . . .  0
Jade's Chatisement . . . . .  1
Jade's Chatisement . . . . .  2
Jade's Chatisement . . . . .  3
Jade's Chatisement . . . . .  4

Slave Jade is in trouble... She has been masturbating in church and Goddess Demonic has found out... So its into the dungeon, Jade is made to strip while being told of by Goddess, she is put onto the crucifix and her tists and body are flogged.. Then it is over the whipping bench where Goddess secures her and uses paddles, a crop and lfogger on the slave girls arse...

Testing Slave Heather Part 2 0
Testing Slave Heather Part 2 1
Testing Slave Heather Part 2 2
Testing Slave Heather Part 2 3
Testing Slave Heather Part 2 4

Master Keith is in his dungeon , he takes a breast clamp and puts it on slave Heathers tits making sure it is very tight, he adds chains from the ceiling and fastens them to the hook of the clamp, then he takes her feet and suspends them so she hanging from her tits & ankles, the violet wand ocmes out and he torments her pussy and piercings with it ... Finally he takes her down and makes her bend over the whipping bench before giving her arse a very hard flogging & caning ...

FemDom Scorn 0
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FemDom Scorn 3
FemDom Scorn 4

Mistress DeVille has Slave J tied up outside of her dungeon , she brings the slave in and then takes her up 2 flights of stairs to an attic room where she puts her on a suspension bar & begins to flog her tits and cunt, suddenly Mistress Persia arrives she slaps the slaves tuts and says a few words before leaving to attend to her male slave who is in the dungeon.. Mistress DeVille then grabs a crop and uses that on Slave J ... Meanwhile in the dungeon Mistress Persia has her male slave kneeling while she rubs lemon on his back where she has whipped him with barbed wire.. Slave J is brought down now the fun really starts!

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Young Dominatrix Plaything.  4

Take 3 young trainee dominatrix and one female slave, and these 3 may be young but they are cruel and nasty.. crystal is tied to the cross, all 3 take turns padlding her arse, then out comes a cane and they all have a go with that ... they leave her tied up and go and sit down, planning what to do next.. once decided they tie her to the couch with the head and arm stocks attached, weights are hung from her cunt lips, a violet wand is also used as is candle wax and her tits are twisted and squeezed... nasty bitches really go to town .

Slave Girl Kia's Whore Training 0
Slave Girl Kia's Whore Training 1
Slave Girl Kia's Whore Training 2
Slave Girl Kia's Whore Training 3
Slave Girl Kia's Whore Training 4

Kia is tied to the cross and a flogger hung from her cunt lips, Master Keith arrives and uses the flogger on her pussy and torments her nipples.  He eventua;;y unties her and takes her to the swinging bench where she is tied up and her cunt cropped and her arse is spanked, he then takes a pump up dildo and uses that to stretch her cunt, he pulls it out to see how big it has got and satisfied it is working in it goes again and gets more pumping.. She also gets fingered to orgasm ...

The Electric Chastity Belt - 30min 0
The Electric Chastity Belt - 30min 1
The Electric Chastity Belt - 30min 2
The Electric Chastity Belt - 30min 3
The Electric Chastity Belt - 30min 4

Master Keith catches Slave Leia masturbating in the bath, she is always playing with herself and he has a way to stop that, so its off to his dungeon where he chains her up and puts clips on her pussy lips and beats her arse .... And then he shows her his new invention..The electric chastity belt which he fits and tests making her dance with every shock !!!

Doctor Keith Puusy Whips... 0
Doctor Keith Puusy Whips... 1
Doctor Keith Puusy Whips... 2
Doctor Keith Puusy Whips... 3
Doctor Keith Puusy Whips... 4

Doctor Keith is in his surgery and once the blonde patient arrives he soon has her stripped naked and strapped onto the gyne chair, where he proceeds to flog her pussy hard... Once he is satisfied that this treatment will help her sexual problems he grabs a large dildo and shoves it straight up her pussy before he decides to add clamps and chains .,..