Scared in the Woods

3:55 minutesBDSM
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Master Keith loves going to walk in the woodland and today its a beautiful balmy day, just right for some fun and games.. and its not long before Sophia is naked, a bag over her head and well and truly tied to a tree !

Slave Lou's Torment Suspension  0
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Slave Lou's Torment Suspension  4

Tightly corsetted Slave Lou is Master Keiths latest slave girl ... He soon has her in a tit clamp and with the aid of some ropes and chains soon suspends her by her tits !

Slave Girls Pussy Weights... 0
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Slave Girls Pussy Weights... 4

Master Keith's Slave Girl has alot of piercings on her cunt, and he decides to use them for hanging heavy weights on !, her cunt lips are stretched and strectched as more and more weight is added much to the amusement of Master Keith...