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Oh dear, bad move Slave J, playing with yourself and getting caught by Master Keith! On go the ballet boots, the corset is, tightened cuffs are put on. There is no escape for the slave... After starting Slave J's training in the boots, Master Keith then takes her upstairs where she is hung upside down with her arms chained behind her back. A strap is used on her arse and also a flogger. She is left to struggle for an hour then Master returns, lets her down and fingers her pussy...

Alia's Pegging

Master Spider and Slave Alia16:25 minutesBDSM
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Master Spider brings Slave Alia to his dungeon, she kneels and he puts cuffs on her, and then grabbing a bag he puts pegs all around the circumferance of her big nipples, once he is satisfied he has them covered he gently plays with her pussy, she is then put face down on the whipping bench and he plays with her pussy some more before adding more pegs but this time to her pussy !!... He fingers her going deeper and deeper and ....

Slavegirls Fisted Hole 0
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Slavegirls Fisted Hole 3
Slavegirls Fisted Hole 4

Master has his slavegirl on the swinging bench legs trussed up and wide apart with Mistress Deville in attendance ... Master Keith arrives and begins to finger the girls pussy, he clamps her labia part and plays with her clitoris, she is eventually taken down and made to kneel on the floor thne Master fists her pussy !!

Slavegirl Rides a Dildo ( 22 mins)  0
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Slavegirl Rides a Dildo ( 22 mins)  3
Slavegirl Rides a Dildo ( 22 mins)  4

Slave rhisannon is relaing on the gyne bench but not for long because Master Keith has arrived, he grabs a huge glass dildo and begins working the slave off on it !!... He torments her tits and squeezes then and her nipples, then he places an even larger dildo on the rack and makes her work herself on it while he plays with her tits.... She worships his boots before being put on the whipping bench whre he spanks her cute arse... However its not over because out come the clothes pegs . . . .