Dikus Minimus Gets a Catheter 0
Dikus Minimus Gets a Catheter 1
Dikus Minimus Gets a Catheter 2
Dikus Minimus Gets a Catheter 3
Dikus Minimus Gets a Catheter 4

Doctor Demonic is fed up with the amount of times Dikus goes to the toilet in one day, so with the help of her nurse she decides a catheter will soon sort him out... Once catherterized Dikus is made to smoke a cigarette inside his gas mask!

Master's Coming to See You... 0
Master's Coming to See You... 1
Master's Coming to See You... 2
Master's Coming to See You... 3
Master's Coming to See You... 4

Mistress Deville brings Slave j down into the dungeon. But it is not long before Master Keith arrives. After riding on her back he ties her tightly over the spanking bench, adds some clamps and weights to her pussy lips and then straps them to her arse before giving her a hard caning ....

Slave Toby Caught Wanking punished with electrodes 0
Slave Toby Caught Wanking punished with electrodes 1
Slave Toby Caught Wanking punished with electrodes 2
Slave Toby Caught Wanking punished with electrodes 3
Slave Toby Caught Wanking punished with electrodes 4

It would seem toby has a problem, WANKING, he just cant stop doing it day and night so Mistress Danhella enlists the help of Empress Victoria and between them they decide to sort his wanking out.. He is humilated and then electrodes are put onto his cock and balls and the currant turned up in the hope his cock will be too sore to play with !!!

Toe Sucker 0
Toe Sucker 1
Toe Sucker 2
Toe Sucker 3
Toe Sucker 4

It is difficult enough pleasing one Mistress but when there is three its impossible .. Mistress Danhella has caught slave Samir mastubating over Goddess Demonics boots, and he is taken to the dungeon while she tells Goddess and Ms E.Vie of his wrong doings.. And he will not be getting away with it, he is subjected to SPH and humiliation and is made to lick boots and shoes and feet and thats not all ...

Masters Dungeon, Suspended Slavegirls .... 0
Masters Dungeon, Suspended Slavegirls .... 1
Masters Dungeon, Suspended Slavegirls .... 2
Masters Dungeon, Suspended Slavegirls .... 3
Masters Dungeon, Suspended Slavegirls .... 4

Master Keith puts chians and a really heavy weight on slave Ana's cunt she is made to drag it around... Then both Master Keith and Master Chris put another slave girl into suspension, once suspended she is slapped and tormented on her cunt and arse ...

Dicus Minimus Catherised 0
Dicus Minimus Catherised 1
Dicus Minimus Catherised 2
Dicus Minimus Catherised 3
Dicus Minimus Catherised 4

Mistress Demonic teams up with her favourite Nurse and becomes Doktor Demonik and here she decides that Dicus Minimus spends far too much time in the toilet so it would be better to catherise him and prevent so many visits to the toilet, where she thinks he reads dirty books and smokes anyway ... With Nurses help he is soon strapped to the gyne chair and then a medical examination and catherisation takes place!. There is a red gas mask and nipple torment too !!

Military Interrogation Part one 0
Military Interrogation Part one 1
Military Interrogation Part one 2
Military Interrogation Part one 3
Military Interrogation Part one 4

Master Keith teams up with Mistress True Severity, and their prisoner is in for some serious * we will make you talk* treatment.. she is tormented, nipple clamps are put on her tits, and much much more.. NOT TO BE MISSED!!!

Caged Fisting

Master Keith, Slave Ana, and Slave Emma14:51 minutesBDSM
Caged Fisting 0
Caged Fisting 1
Caged Fisting 2
Caged Fisting 3
Caged Fisting 4

Master Keith drags his slavegirl into the dungeon, he cuffs her and makes her kiss his boots, meanwhile Master Chris arrives with his slavegirls and it is notl ong before she is cuffed and tied to the cross and Master flogs her tits.. Of course alot more happens but you will need to watch to find out exactly what !

Maitresse Slaveboys Training  0
Maitresse Slaveboys Training  1
Maitresse Slaveboys Training  2
Maitresse Slaveboys Training  3
Maitresse Slaveboys Training  4

Goddess Demonic dressed in a latex uniform dress along with her good friend Maitresse Marlene have a naughty boy who deserves to be punished... So its over the whipping bench for him and a very hard double caning follows!!... Not content they then bring in another slave, he is humiliated, beaten, given an enema and then fucked up the arse with dildo's before finally being allowed to do some shoe worship ...

The Pigs Ball Kicking 0
The Pigs Ball Kicking 1
The Pigs Ball Kicking 2
The Pigs Ball Kicking 3
The Pigs Ball Kicking 4

Goddess Demonic & Lady Trinity decide that the slavedog needs to have a good hard ball kicking, he is made to stand in various positions while the Demonic one gets to work kicking him time and time and time again right in the bollocks, but thats not all she uses lit cigarettes to remove his body hair, he is verbally humiliated, used as an ashtray, made to eat their lit cigarettes and clean Lady Trinitys shoes.... and the 2 Dommes really enjoy his pain !!!