Mistress Waits   Part Two 0
Mistress Waits   Part Two 1
Mistress Waits   Part Two 2
Mistress Waits   Part Two 3
Mistress Waits   Part Two 4

Crystal had kept her Mistress waiting and has already has a good hard paddling so her arse is red and sore and Mistress is still not finished, now she puts heavy weights onto crystals cunt lips , ties her up and leaves her like that for a very long time ...Mistress eventually returns, removes the weights and takes the hapless slave upstairs where she is made to massage and kiss Mistresses feet.

Slave Sue's Stinging Nettle Torment  0
Slave Sue's Stinging Nettle Torment  1
Slave Sue's Stinging Nettle Torment  2
Slave Sue's Stinging Nettle Torment  3
Slave Sue's Stinging Nettle Torment  4

Master Keith ties up slave Sue, he humiliates her, whips and canes her then grabs some stinging nettles and uses them to sting and torment her cunt!

Workshop Torment  0
Workshop Torment  1
Workshop Torment  2
Workshop Torment  3
Workshop Torment  4

Master Keith has a garage workshop and why should it be used just for repairing them ...He takes Slave Leia there and soon has a new use for his hydrolic lifting gear... Up Leias cunt of course but httats not all for Mistress Persia calls in and is soon puttingo n her trusty strap on but not before she plays with the slaves cunt...

Slave Girls Pussy Weights... 0
Slave Girls Pussy Weights... 1
Slave Girls Pussy Weights... 2
Slave Girls Pussy Weights... 3
Slave Girls Pussy Weights... 4

Master Keith's Slave Girl has alot of piercings on her cunt, and he decides to use them for hanging heavy weights on !, her cunt lips are stretched and strectched as more and more weight is added much to the amusement of Master Keith...

Pussy Pegs

Master Keith and Slave Ana14:41 minutesBDSM
Pussy Pegs 0
Pussy Pegs 1
Pussy Pegs 2
Pussy Pegs 3
Pussy Pegs 4

Master Keith takes his slave girls labia and adds lots and lots of clothes pegs on them , how many does he finally get on ???