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Oh dear, bad move Slave J, playing with yourself and getting caught by Master Keith! On go the ballet boots, the corset is, tightened cuffs are put on. There is no escape for the slave... After starting Slave J's training in the boots, Master Keith then takes her upstairs where she is hung upside down with her arms chained behind her back. A strap is used on her arse and also a flogger. She is left to struggle for an hour then Master returns, lets her down and fingers her pussy...

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 Slave Crystal is taken to the woods by Master Keith, Mistress Alicia and Mistress Roxi. Slave Crystal is led through the woods, tied by rope to a tree and then spanked and flogged. Mistress Roxi then gives her a good seeing to with a strap on whilst Mistress Alicia holds her in place with her lead and her hair. 

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Mistress DeVille has Slave J tied up outside of her dungeon , she brings the slave in and then takes her up 2 flights of stairs to an attic room where she puts her on a suspension bar & begins to flog her tits and cunt, suddenly Mistress Persia arrives she slaps the slaves tuts and says a few words before leaving to attend to her male slave who is in the dungeon.. Mistress DeVille then grabs a crop and uses that on Slave J ... Meanwhile in the dungeon Mistress Persia has her male slave kneeling while she rubs lemon on his back where she has whipped him with barbed wire.. Slave J is brought down now the fun really starts!

Suspended Blonde Slave

Master Keith and Slave J35:42 minutesBDSM
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Slave J is wilful, tedious, mouthy, rude and Master Keith decides to teach her a lession... He dresses her in a very tight corset, gags her, adds a breast clamp and cuffs as well as chains, speader bars are also added to her arms and legs .. He then puts mouse traps on her nipples and large hooks up her cunt and then he suspends her off the floor..

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Slave Hillie is told to wear a strap-on while slave suzi is cuffed, then Master Keith and Master Billy rig up sling,  slave suzi is made to lay on it and her lefs and arms are fastened so she is vulnerable ... clamps are put on her nipples and hillie appears wearing the strap-on . . . . then its action all the way . . . .

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Slave Carol is hooded in Masters dungeon, He soon has her tied with her arse sticking out and he gives it a good hard flogging, he fingers her cunt then ties her again and flogging and caning take place... Please note this is an archived film and the quality may not be as good as more reent films...