Test Spanks

Grandfather Timothy16:02 minutesSpanking
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Take one old man and 2 naughty young ladies. He is not happy with them, they're not doing their homework, not doing as they are told, the result a severe OTK spanking for them both and two very red hot bottoms!

Slavegirl's Playtime 0
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Master Keith catches his slavegirl masturbating in the bath when she's meant to be shaving. He takes her down to the dungeon on collar and lead and then puts restraints on her, she's then made to lick Mistress' pussy. Master then chains her up and cranks her off, then flogs her, uses a crop on her and finally puts mousetraps on her labia.

3 Slaves and a Buttplug 0
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Master Keith has 3 of his slavegirls in the dungeon, slavegirl Rhiannon is lapping water out of a bowl as it starts with Charlie giving her a spanking. Master Keith then gives Rhiannon a good spanking. Master Keith then puts a butt plug in Rhiannon's arse and gives her a good few whacks with the crop followed by allowing the other girls to give her a few whacks. Master Keith then leads the 3 girls through to the main dungeon crawling on leads, where he suspends one of the girls to the cross whilst Charlie ties Rhiannon to the whipping bench where Master Keith and Charlie spank her.

Ms Evie's Doggy Punishment 0
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E.Vie brings a new puppy for training to ms.Danhella. They tie up his balls, they crop his balls. They make then train puppy to play games like beg, fetch and play. Dog is then told to guard the dungeon.  Mistress came back to find dog not doing his duties so they put him on the rack where they tie his cock and balls to a ceiling hook and add weights, they then violet his balls and cock and also drip wax over his cock and balls.

Chastising in Wood 0
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Mistress Demonic has caught her slave masturbating without permission. So she takes him into the woods with another Mistress, ties him to a tree and then they proceed to punish him. He's cropped, flogged and tickled, then they find tree branches to whip him with. Finally they tie his balls up and spank him again.
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Attractive blonde Mistress Serenity takes her slave through his paces. She starts off with having him worship her feet, she then ties him to the whipping bench in preparation for what's coming next. Mistress then spanks her slave, starting off with a flogging, moving to the crop and then giving him an intense paddling.
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Miss Cameo, beautiful in only a corset and thigh boots brings Slave Rhiannon into her dungeon, she makes the slave put on cuffs and goes ot sit on her throne ... Miss Cameo then spanks, crops and generally enjoys herself and makes Rhiannon lick and kiss her long leather boots... She puts clamps on the slaves pussy and adds weights and then makes her bend over !!

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Miss Caemo, tall and beautiful, dressed in a corset, leather gloves and leather thigh boots brings her slavegirl to the dungeon, makes her put leather cuffs on and then sits on her throne, its not long before the slave is ready for Mistresses ministrations , she spanks the slaves arse, tells her off then puts clamps and weights on her pussy lips and makes her swing them for amusement, then out comes the crop which is used !!!

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Mistress DeVille has Slave J tied up outside of her dungeon , she brings the slave in and then takes her up 2 flights of stairs to an attic room where she puts her on a suspension bar & begins to flog her tits and cunt, suddenly Mistress Persia arrives she slaps the slaves tuts and says a few words before leaving to attend to her male slave who is in the dungeon.. Mistress DeVille then grabs a crop and uses that on Slave J ... Meanwhile in the dungeon Mistress Persia has her male slave kneeling while she rubs lemon on his back where she has whipped him with barbed wire.. Slave J is brought down now the fun really starts!