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The Interrogation P2  4

In an old workshop Master Keith and Mistress True Severity torment and humiliate a slave girl, will she talk or wont she ??. Watch and see Master Keith Keiths ways of making you talk!

Oriental Slavegirls Punishment 0
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Oriental Slavegirls Punishment 2
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Oriental Slavegirls Punishment 4

Master Keith arrives home with slave Coco in tow and he is not happy with her at all, they have barely got through the dooro and he is telling her off... Soon she is taken to his dungeon, once there he makes her strip and tightens up her corset... Mistress Persia soon arrives and slave coco is well and truly punished.

Miss Cameo's  Slavegirl Cropped 0
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Miss Cameo's  Slavegirl Cropped 3
Miss Cameo's  Slavegirl Cropped 4

Miss Caemo, tall and beautiful, dressed in a corset, leather gloves and leather thigh boots brings her slavegirl to the dungeon, makes her put leather cuffs on and then sits on her throne, its not long before the slave is ready for Mistresses ministrations , she spanks the slaves arse, tells her off then puts clamps and weights on her pussy lips and makes her swing them for amusement, then out comes the crop which is used !!!

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Tormented in the Garden 3
Tormented in the Garden 4

Master Keith takes slave Kia and ties her up to a frame in the garden, he fingers her pussy and then flogs it before leaving her there while he pops off... on his return he takes rhiannon from the boot of the car and locks her in a cupboard while he goes to check on Kia ... He eventually releases Rhiannon and takes her into the garden where he then torments both slavegirls but he does allow Rhiannon to lick Kia's pussy !!!...

The Double Ended Dildo  0
The Double Ended Dildo  1
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The Double Ended Dildo  4

Take two beautiful female slaves, One Master Keith, ohh and a Double Ended Dildo for the slaves !!..

Caged &  Corsetted . . .  0
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Pretty slavegirls Susie and Hillie are naked and chained in a cage ... Suddenly Master Keith and Master Billy arrive and take from the cage, but they are immediately tethered outside of it and frilly skirts and corsets are put on both girls, and oy are those corsets laced tightly ...Once both Master are happy with the attire and tightly laced corsets the slavegirls are taken upstairs to another room where Susie is put into a trunk


Autumns Punishment. 0
Autumns Punishment. 1
Autumns Punishment. 2
Autumns Punishment. 3
Autumns Punishment. 4

Arriving at his house, Master Keith takes slave Autumn straight down to the dungeon, cuffs her and puts clamps on her pussy, torments her nipples and then puts clamps on those as well & fastens her ot the crucifix where weights are added ... He eventually suslends her ot the cross, bites her nipples and adds some very very heavy weights to her labia and ............

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Trainee Pony Girl.  2
Trainee Pony Girl.  3
Trainee Pony Girl.  4

It is slave Sugarlumps 1st day of training to be one of Master Keith's ponygirls... Corsetted, he soon adds an armbag and ponybit... Some high stepping, an appearance by Mistress Demonic  who decides to add a corset gag..... Then its more high stepping and into the buggy !!!

Becky in the Woods.

Master Keith and Slave Becki17:36 minutesBDSM
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Becky in the Woods. 3
Becky in the Woods. 4

Mastyer Keith has taken slave becky ot the woods, and of course it wont be for a picnic, she is tied to a tree and gagged, and then Master spanks her, fingers her pussy to make her orgasm and alot more ............