Slave Polly Punished by Mistress Deville 0
Slave Polly Punished by Mistress Deville 1
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Slave Polly Punished by Mistress Deville 3
Slave Polly Punished by Mistress Deville 4

Slave Polly is taken down to the dungeon after being bad... She is tied to the cross and has her pussy whipped. She is finally let down, and when she is, she is made to lay on the floor and have her tits stepped on. She is than led to another part of the dungeon and is suspended by her feet with her legs wide open, whilst Mistress Deville inserts and lights a candle in Slave Polly's vagina. She is then left suspended with the candle left to drip hot wax onto her pussy, whilst Mistress leaves. When she returns she has Slave Polly take off her corset and then clamps her breasts. She is than suspended by her breasts and her breasts are whipped.

Slaves of pain and pleasure part 3 0
Slaves of pain and pleasure part 3 1
Slaves of pain and pleasure part 3 2
Slaves of pain and pleasure part 3 3
Slaves of pain and pleasure part 3 4

Mistress Demonic and her other mistress, are found in the dungeon, with two slaves, both with maskes on, one has a mask on that is being filled with air, the second slave has a weight hung form his balls, they return to the first slave and dress him up, and chain him up so that movement is restricted, once he is freed from the cloths, he than has electric clips put on his nipples and than he is shocked everytime he is than made to bark, the clips are than moved to his balls, and he is once again made to bark and is shocked, he has his nipples clamped and is than whipped, and than is made to dance whilst he is being shocked, more play ensues though out the film.

Mistress Stasia's toy

19:02 minutesBDSM
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Mistress Stasia's toy 1
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Mistress Stasia's toy 3
Mistress Stasia's toy 4

Mistress takes her male sub to the dungeon, with clamps on his testicles. He is made to crawl around and then she attaches a weight to the clamp...when the clamp falls off Mistress becomes annoyed and proceeds to whip him! She ties him to the cross where she cruelly pierces his nipples. His newly pierced nipples get a whipping from Mistress before she makes him lay on the floor where she tramples him with her shoes still on...especially his balls!

Slave girl tormented

19:01 minutesBDSM
Slave girl tormented 0
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Slave girl tormented 4

Master Keiths slave girl has her pussy clamped and is lead to the cross to be tied and suspended, once she is, she has her tits played with, and she then has her tits whipped, and than her pussy, eventually she is let down, turned round and retied up, she than has her arse whipped.

Slave Girl Bondage 0
Slave Girl Bondage 1
Slave Girl Bondage 2
Slave Girl Bondage 3
Slave Girl Bondage 4

Slave girl Rhiannon is teased on the verge of cumming, than has her nipples and vagina clamped, and than gagged, she is left in the cage for an hour clammpled, whilst her friend is in the next room, bound and gagged and un able to free herself, when Master Keith returns she is freed from the clamps, and has I'm a bad girl written on her chest, after this is done, she than once again brought on to the verge in cumming, but is not allowed to

slave reprim 0
slave reprim 1
slave reprim 2
slave reprim 3
slave reprim 4

Master Keith and Mistress Jolene team up to torture a slave, the slaves breasts are clamped, and chains are attached, her breasts are also whipped along with her pussy, she is later tied up and oral is performed on her by a forgiving mistress, she later has a candle lit and stuck in her vagina, whilst more wax is poured on her.