Slave Polly Punished by Mistress Deville 0
Slave Polly Punished by Mistress Deville 1
Slave Polly Punished by Mistress Deville 2
Slave Polly Punished by Mistress Deville 3
Slave Polly Punished by Mistress Deville 4

Slave Polly is taken down to the dungeon after being bad... She is tied to the cross and has her pussy whipped. She is finally let down, and when she is, she is made to lay on the floor and have her tits stepped on. She is than led to another part of the dungeon and is suspended by her feet with her legs wide open, whilst Mistress Deville inserts and lights a candle in Slave Polly's vagina. She is then left suspended with the candle left to drip hot wax onto her pussy, whilst Mistress leaves. When she returns she has Slave Polly take off her corset and then clamps her breasts. She is than suspended by her breasts and her breasts are whipped.

Tormented Upside Down 0
Tormented Upside Down 1
Tormented Upside Down 2
Tormented Upside Down 3
Tormented Upside Down 4

 Slave is in trouble, she's been tied up upside down by Master Keith and he's ready to punish her. She's flogged, fucked and has candles put in her pussy and ass.

Slave Girl Suspended

Master Keith19:56 minutesBDSM
Slave Girl Suspended 0
Slave Girl Suspended 1
Slave Girl Suspended 2
Slave Girl Suspended 3
Slave Girl Suspended 4

Master Keith suspends one of his slave girls by her feet, she is played with, and whipped and has a candle placed and lit in her pussy, he than lowers her down and has his second slave girl mount the one suspended, and the begin to pussy fuck each other, once they have finished, the suspended slave is than brought up again, so both slaves can lick each others pussy, when done, the suspended slave girl than has her pussy whipped.

Slave Girls pussy fire 0
Slave Girls pussy fire 1
Slave Girls pussy fire 2
Slave Girls pussy fire 3
Slave Girls pussy fire 4

Master Keith ties Slave Girl Ana up, and than whips her tits, he than hands a candle from her pussy with chains, sets it alight and has her swing it as the flames grow, she is than realised and has bells and a lead attached to her pussy. Master Keith uses the lead to make the bells chime, she is than whipped and paddled, she is put on her hands and knees and made to kiss Master Keiths feet, he also fingers her

Slave Lou and the Dildo 0
Slave Lou and the Dildo 1
Slave Lou and the Dildo 2
Slave Lou and the Dildo 3
Slave Lou and the Dildo 4

Slave Lou is fucked with a dildo whilst teased and brought to near orgasm, she is than suspended, once she is suspended she has a candle inserted into her vagina

 Slave girl Rhiannons suspension 0
 Slave girl Rhiannons suspension 1
 Slave girl Rhiannons suspension 2
 Slave girl Rhiannons suspension 3
 Slave girl Rhiannons suspension 4

Master Kieth gets one of his slave girls Charlie to help him punish his slave girl Rhiannon. Rhiannon is made to kiss her feet, then she made to act as a puppy dog and fench a fuffly dice. she is then suspended were Charlie tramples on her breasts and pussy. She is made to orgasm whilst MK crushes and bites her brests. Then MK inserts a candle in her pussy and when lit candle wax dripps into her ass hole.

slave reprim 0
slave reprim 1
slave reprim 2
slave reprim 3
slave reprim 4

Master Keith and Mistress Jolene team up to torture a slave, the slaves breasts are clamped, and chains are attached, her breasts are also whipped along with her pussy, she is later tied up and oral is performed on her by a forgiving mistress, she later has a candle lit and stuck in her vagina, whilst more wax is poured on her.

Slave Girl piercing

Master Keith32:12 minutesBDSM
Slave Girl piercing 0
Slave Girl piercing 1
Slave Girl piercing 2
Slave Girl piercing 3
Slave Girl piercing 4

Two slave girls are pleasured and pierced throught their breasts and vagina's, they are suspended, tied up, put on leads and made to walk like dogs, candels are lite and displayed from their breasts, and another is suspended from one slave girls vagina.

Slave girl's licking torment  0
Slave girl's licking torment  1
Slave girl's licking torment  2
Slave girl's licking torment  3
Slave girl's licking torment  4

Mistress leads her slave girl in the dungon were she is put in bonage, suspended being spanked and made to lick Mistress pussy.