Ellie's Sufferance

Ellie and Master Keith18:19 minutesBDSM
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Slave Ellie has been left to ponder in the cage. But it's not long before Master Keith comes back... After letting her out of the cage, he cuffs her and fastens her to the St Andrews cross where he spanks her arse. He then turns her round, twists her nipples and applies mouse traps to them. He puts clamps and weights on her pussy lips... She is left once more in pain, and when he finally returns he takes her crawling upstairs and puts her in a cupboard...

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Mistress Demonic brings slave Leo into her chambers, and wastes no time in putting him in an arm binder. A leg spreader is added and she fastens his arms up behind and pulls them, and leaves him there for a while struggling... On her return she frees him and makes him get some shoes and stockings and put them on. As well as worshipping and massaging her legs and feet before she finally cages him.

Mistresses play thing

16:13 minutesBDSM
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Mistresses play thing 4

The slave is found lounging around in her cage, she is than suited up in her corset, which ia tightened, she is than strapped up and has pegs put on her nipples, she then has her breasts paddles and has weights hung from her nipples and has her pussy paddled as well, she than has a violet wand teased over her vagina, and is fingered by her mistress and is denied from cumming on several occasions

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Slave girl Rhiannon is teased on the verge of cumming, than has her nipples and vagina clamped, and than gagged, she is left in the cage for an hour clammpled, whilst her friend is in the next room, bound and gagged and un able to free herself, when Master Keith returns she is freed from the clamps, and has I'm a bad girl written on her chest, after this is done, she than once again brought on to the verge in cumming, but is not allowed to

Mistresses Male Puppy 0
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Mistress Serenity has a new slave and she feels he would probably make an excellent puppy as he looks in her opinion like an old english sheepdog!!, here she begins his training...

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Slave Sophia and Salve Rhiannon cannot be trusted if their Mistress goes out and leaves them. Rhiannon is locked in the cage for past misdemeanors and slave Sophia comes down and see's her plight, and finding the key to the cage she lets Rhiannon out.. Then the fun starts, there is spanking andp ussy licking galore!

Caged Fisting

Master Keith, Slave Ana, and Slave Emma14:51 minutesBDSM
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Master Keith drags his slavegirl into the dungeon, he cuffs her and makes her kiss his boots, meanwhile Master Chris arrives with his slavegirls and it is notl ong before she is cuffed and tied to the cross and Master flogs her tits.. Of course alot more happens but you will need to watch to find out exactly what !

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Master Keith has not one but two slavegirls in the cage, he lets one out and puts her in the stocks & spanks her arse and torments her nipples, then he grabs some needles put candles in the end and sticks them in her arse cheeks  and lights them !!< then he uses the violet wand on the needles that are stuck in the slavegirls arse !!!.. Once he has finally finished he puts her back in the cage and lets the other slavegirl out, puts her on the rack, stretches her, adds clamps to her cunt lips and chains to pull them up ...

Her 1st visit to Debtors Dungeon 0
Her 1st visit to Debtors Dungeon 1
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Her 1st visit to Debtors Dungeon 3
Her 1st visit to Debtors Dungeon 4

It does not pay to owe the great Master Keith money .. If you do not pay your debts then you must accept the consequences.. The naughty non payer is caged while Master Keith enjoys a cigarette and makes phone calls ... she is eventually taken to the dungeon where she is caged again, finally let out and undergoes her punishment ......

Comet Caught Masturbating.  0
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Comet has been caught playing with himself and Mistress Demonic had put him in the cage to consider the error of his ways after all he was masturbating without permission... He is finally let out of the cage by Mistress and made to kiss her feet, then its over to the crucifix where he is tied up and then she ties his cock and balls up, passes the rope through a hook in the ceiling and adds large weights pulling his cock and balls ... she then adds nipple clamps with weights all the while giving him plenty of verbal ... More weights are added to his cock and balls and then she grabs Deep Heat and smothers the hot cream all over his genitals,, nipple clamps are removed and his nipples twisted cruelly, she then removes the ball rope and flogs his cock and balls hard...