Slavegirl Bound Underfoot 0
Slavegirl Bound Underfoot 1
Slavegirl Bound Underfoot 2
Slavegirl Bound Underfoot 3
Slavegirl Bound Underfoot 4

It would seem the runt might be in trouble! Corseted, her hands cuffed to her nipple piercings, ball gagged, chains from her pussy lips to her ankles & a crystal butt plug. Oh dear me! And of course, this is Master Keith, so you can guarantee thats not all...

Gas Mask and Lace Slavegirl  0
Gas Mask and Lace Slavegirl  1
Gas Mask and Lace Slavegirl  2
Gas Mask and Lace Slavegirl  3
Gas Mask and Lace Slavegirl  4

Master Keith has Slave Crystal in a gas mask, he puts her huge tits in bondage and adds clamps and weights, he has fixed up chains to her pussy piericngs so everytime her legs move the lips are pulled... He laces her corset wise...

Three Slaves and a Butt Plug 0
Three Slaves and a Butt Plug 1
Three Slaves and a Butt Plug 2
Three Slaves and a Butt Plug 3
Three Slaves and a Butt Plug 4

Take three pretty slavegirls, one Master Keith and a butt plug!... along with spanking, torment and humiliation . . . . .

Bum Hole Play . . . . 0
Bum Hole Play . . . . 1
Bum Hole Play . . . . 2
Bum Hole Play . . . . 3
Bum Hole Play . . . . 4

Slave Annika is about to meet Mr B Stretch!!... And stretch her arse he does with a whole plethora of different sized wooden butt plugs, how big can she go????

Crystal's Calamity 0
Crystal's Calamity 1
Crystal's Calamity 2
Crystal's Calamity 3
Crystal's Calamity 4

Master Keith puts poor Slave Crystal in the cage, and padlocks her wrist cuffs to the cage for good measure as well . . He adds clips and chains to her nipple piercings and fastens these round the cage bars so when she moves her nipples are pulled cruelly... then heavy weights are added to her pussy piercings, he soon gets bored with this however and she is taken out of the cage only to suffer more in the hands of the great Master . . . .

Slavegirl J's Caning

Master Keith and Slave J17:16 minutesBDSM
Slavegirl J's Caning 0
Slavegirl J's Caning 1
Slavegirl J's Caning 2
Slavegirl J's Caning 3
Slavegirl J's Caning 4

Slave J is tied to the whipping bench, and a crystal butt plug is inserted up her arse... Master Keith begins to use a crop on her making her yelp so he deicdes to give her something ot yelp about !!!! Out comes the acrylic paddle, followed by another crop, and then ...THE CANE !!!!!!