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Master Keith sits with his friend Master Adam and decide what to do .... well torment seems a good diea and as there are two slave girls it will be great fun ... it all starts with boot licking and cleaning and very soon moves onto a speculum up a pussy, hot wax on arses and much more!!

Miss Cameo's  Slavegirls Test 0
Miss Cameo's  Slavegirls Test 1
Miss Cameo's  Slavegirls Test 2
Miss Cameo's  Slavegirls Test 3
Miss Cameo's  Slavegirls Test 4

Miss Cameo decides its time slave Rhiannon was tested, she begins by allowing the girl to lick and worship her long leather boots, then she puts Rhiannon against the cross and squeezes and torments her tits ... clamps and weights are put on her cunt lips then out comes the flogger... Once satisfied Cameo then makes the slave lay on the sofa and play with her cunt ...

Miss Cameo's Slavegirl  0
Miss Cameo's Slavegirl  1
Miss Cameo's Slavegirl  2
Miss Cameo's Slavegirl  3
Miss Cameo's Slavegirl  4

Miss Cameo, beautiful in only a corset and thigh boots brings Slave Rhiannon into her dungeon, she makes the slave put on cuffs and goes ot sit on her throne ... Miss Cameo then spanks, crops and generally enjoys herself and makes Rhiannon lick and kiss her long leather boots... She puts clamps on the slaves pussy and adds weights and then makes her bend over !!

Slave Frans Torment (Part 3)  0
Slave Frans Torment (Part 3)  1
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Slave Frans Torment (Part 3)  4

The final part of a trilogy, one of Master Keiths archived films so the quality is not as high as normal, but the content is definitely HIGH !!... Slave Fran is put into the cage by Master Keith, she is left there to ponder for a while then the Master returns and lets her out, only to flog her arse and pussy and humiliate her verbally ... she is then put onto the bench where a dildo is shoved up her cunt and more !!!