Slavegirl Bound Underfoot 0
Slavegirl Bound Underfoot 1
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Slavegirl Bound Underfoot 3
Slavegirl Bound Underfoot 4

It would seem the runt might be in trouble! Corseted, her hands cuffed to her nipple piercings, ball gagged, chains from her pussy lips to her ankles & a crystal butt plug. Oh dear me! And of course, this is Master Keith, so you can guarantee thats not all...

Female Prisoners Dilemma . . . .  0
Female Prisoners Dilemma . . . .  1
Female Prisoners Dilemma . . . .  2
Female Prisoners Dilemma . . . .  3
Female Prisoners Dilemma . . . .  4

It certainly is a dilemma for Sahara and her cohort, the prison guard is quite a ruthless character and he wastes no time in tying the hapless Sahara to a cross and stripping her of her clothing ... Her nipples are the first thing to be tormented, twisted and then on go the clamps.  Her pussy is also adorned with clamps then out comes the cane .... But is wont stop there, a female guard arrives and its a fucking machine, flogging and hard arse treatment abounding ...

Hanging Around

Master Keith and Slave Goth16:25 minutesBDSM
Hanging Around 0
Hanging Around 1
Hanging Around 2
Hanging Around 3
Hanging Around 4

Master Keith has a new slavegirl, Slave Goth is a pretty slave but needs some training, so after giving her arse a spanking he suspends her by her feet and leaves her gagged & hanging around !!!..

Suspended Blonde

Master Keith and Slave J15:55 minutesBDSM
Suspended Blonde 0
Suspended Blonde 1
Suspended Blonde 2
Suspended Blonde 3
Suspended Blonde 4

Slave J is already in trouble, and Master Keith knows just what to do, he has her ball gagged, breasts in the breast clamp and arms & legs  held wide apart by spreader bars... He puts two large hooks in her pussy and then watch the fun begin as he has her hanging around, LITERALLY !!!!