Ellie's Sufferance

Ellie and Master Keith18:19 minutesBDSM
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Slave Ellie has been left to ponder in the cage. But it's not long before Master Keith comes back... After letting her out of the cage, he cuffs her and fastens her to the St Andrews cross where he spanks her arse. He then turns her round, twists her nipples and applies mouse traps to them. He puts clamps and weights on her pussy lips... She is left once more in pain, and when he finally returns he takes her crawling upstairs and puts her in a cupboard...

Slavegirls Tormented Piss Training  0
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Master Keith has slave Gemma in his lcutches!, firstly he puts a clamp on her pussy lips but it slips off so he inserts a needle to keep it in place, once this is done he then puts her on the crucifix ... Once there he twists and flogs her tits, and then her pussy , finally he releases her from the cross and spanks her arse hard but he is not finished, finally he uses a very heavy flogger on her arse ...

Miss Sin in Trouble

Slave Rhiannon16:05 minutesFemdom
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Havingo ne naughty slave to deal with is bad enough, but here Mistress Danhella gets two !!... Naughty Rhiannon is on the cross, gagged and with nipple clapms on, when Danhella arrives with Miss Sin . . . She soon has Rhiannon untied and then both girls suffer under her practised hands . . . .

Slave Lily Caught Masturbating. 0
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It would appear that Lily just can't help but play with herself, and she is doing just that with a dildo on the swinging bench in non other than Master Keith's dungeon... Unfortuneatly Master arrives and catches her in the act, well of ocurse he is not going to let her get off lightly, he gives her a good lod fashined spanking before putting her onto the whipping bench and flogging, cropping and strapping her ...

Hanging Around

Master Keith and Slave Goth16:25 minutesBDSM
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Master Keith has a new slavegirl, Slave Goth is a pretty slave but needs some training, so after giving her arse a spanking he suspends her by her feet and leaves her gagged & hanging around !!!..

Slavegirl Rides a Dildo ( 22 mins)  0
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Slave rhisannon is relaing on the gyne bench but not for long because Master Keith has arrived, he grabs a huge glass dildo and begins working the slave off on it !!... He torments her tits and squeezes then and her nipples, then he places an even larger dildo on the rack and makes her work herself on it while he plays with her tits.... She worships his boots before being put on the whipping bench whre he spanks her cute arse... However its not over because out come the clothes pegs . . . .