The Sparkler

Mistress Demonic15:01 minutesFemdom
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The Sparkler 1
The Sparkler 2
The Sparkler 3
The Sparkler 4

Mistress Demonic is in her chambers with slave Comet. She subjects him to cock and ball torture, and verbally humiliates him... Rummaging around her chambers she finds some sparklers and decides to have some fun. Slave Comet is made to lay face down on the floor while a sparkler is put in the crack of his arse, "You better clench those cheeks properly!"...

Bound and Caged Slave 0
Bound and Caged Slave 1
Bound and Caged Slave 2
Bound and Caged Slave 3
Bound and Caged Slave 4

Mistress Demonic brings slave Leo into her chambers, and wastes no time in putting him in an arm binder. A leg spreader is added and she fastens his arms up behind and pulls them, and leaves him there for a while struggling... On her return she frees him and makes him get some shoes and stockings and put them on. As well as worshipping and massaging her legs and feet before she finally cages him.

Slavegirls Plucking 0
Slavegirls Plucking 1
Slavegirls Plucking 2
Slavegirls Plucking 3
Slavegirls Plucking 4

Ohhh dear poor Danielle is in trouble once more... she was out and Mistress Demonic finds out.. she is subjected to humiliation outside infront of her sister slave then its in the dungeon for a caning and Sophia is told to pluck the pubic hairs from her pussy ...

The Progression 0
The Progression 1
The Progression 2
The Progression 3
The Progression 4

Mistress Demonic and Lady Trinity team up and decide it is time slave Ashtray progressed somewhat, he is fat, ugly and stupid but thats no excuse decide the pair of Bitches!! He is tormented and burnt with cigarettes, verbally humilated, kicked in the balls, his pubic hair is removed with a lighter...and alot more ...

Jade's Chatisement . . . . .  0
Jade's Chatisement . . . . .  1
Jade's Chatisement . . . . .  2
Jade's Chatisement . . . . .  3
Jade's Chatisement . . . . .  4

Slave Jade is in trouble... She has been masturbating in church and Goddess Demonic has found out... So its into the dungeon, Jade is made to strip while being told of by Goddess, she is put onto the crucifix and her tists and body are flogged.. Then it is over the whipping bench where Goddess secures her and uses paddles, a crop and lfogger on the slave girls arse...

Slave Comet Caught Smoking  0
Slave Comet Caught Smoking  1
Slave Comet Caught Smoking  2
Slave Comet Caught Smoking  3
Slave Comet Caught Smoking  4

Goddess Demonic is furious, she has found out that her slave Comet has been smoking in bed, and for that there has to bep unihment and punishment there certainly is for Goddess will NOT show him any mercy at all for his misdemeanor !!

She ties his bollocks tightly, adds weights, nipple clapms, she paddles his arse and alot more...

The Pigs Ball Kicking 0
The Pigs Ball Kicking 1
The Pigs Ball Kicking 2
The Pigs Ball Kicking 3
The Pigs Ball Kicking 4

Goddess Demonic & Lady Trinity decide that the slavedog needs to have a good hard ball kicking, he is made to stand in various positions while the Demonic one gets to work kicking him time and time and time again right in the bollocks, but thats not all she uses lit cigarettes to remove his body hair, he is verbally humiliated, used as an ashtray, made to eat their lit cigarettes and clean Lady Trinitys shoes.... and the 2 Dommes really enjoy his pain !!!

Karina's Torment

Master Keith and Slave Karina37:21 minutesBDSM
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Karina's Torment 3
Karina's Torment 4

Karina is locked in the cage until Master Keith arrives and lets her out admonishing her for misbehaving, he puts a chain and lean around her neck and takes her into the main dungeon, he uses ropes to tie her and needles thrugh her nipples and cunt lips and then pretty ribbons to make it look nice!!!

Miss Cameo's Disobediant Slavegirls 0
Miss Cameo's Disobediant Slavegirls 1
Miss Cameo's Disobediant Slavegirls 2
Miss Cameo's Disobediant Slavegirls 3
Miss Cameo's Disobediant Slavegirls 4

Rhiannon and Sophia are in trouble, Miss Cameo arrives and releaises something is just not right so she lets Rhiannon ot of her cage and questions her as to why her top and bottom are different colours!!, she tramples on the slaves tits strips her and uses the violet wand on the girls cunt and tits ..then Cameo shouts for the other slave who comes running, more punishemnt follows ...