Ballet Boot Suspension  0
Ballet Boot Suspension  1
Ballet Boot Suspension  2
Ballet Boot Suspension  3
Ballet Boot Suspension  4

Oh dear, bad move Slave J, playing with yourself and getting caught by Master Keith! On go the ballet boots, the corset is, tightened cuffs are put on. There is no escape for the slave... After starting Slave J's training in the boots, Master Keith then takes her upstairs where she is hung upside down with her arms chained behind her back. A strap is used on her arse and also a flogger. She is left to struggle for an hour then Master returns, lets her down and fingers her pussy...

Nightmare Nurses 0
Nightmare Nurses 1
Nightmare Nurses 2
Nightmare Nurses 3
Nightmare Nurses 4

The slave is lead down the the dungeon by one of the nurses by his penis, he is then tied to the chair with his legs spilt apart, and a special mouth piece is inserted. He then has staples put into his chest. He has needles pierced through his eyebrows. They then put lace through the staples in a corset type of ribbon. After awhile he has his penis slapped several times by the Mistresses.

He is moved and has his hands clipped to a metal frame above him, and has his legs tied up as well. They place pegs upon his penis, and hang weights off his balls. When the cock and ball play ends he is bent over and spanked.

Caning of Carol 0
Caning of Carol 1
Caning of Carol 2
Caning of Carol 3
Caning of Carol 4

 Slave Carol is put in a pillory and tied up for a severe spanking and caning from Master Keith.

Master and Slave Girl Wax Session 0
Master and Slave Girl Wax Session 1
Master and Slave Girl Wax Session 2
Master and Slave Girl Wax Session 3
Master and Slave Girl Wax Session 4

Master Keith finds his Slave girl pleasuring herself, and decided that for this she should be taught a lesson. She is teased onto the verge of cumming, but is than denied the pleasure she seeks. She has a candle stuck in her vagina, and is told not to drip on the carpet, and is made to hold that position for several minutes. She than has more candle was poured upon her. She is then tied up, spanked and whipped.

Slave's Wedding Night 0
Slave's Wedding Night 1
Slave's Wedding Night 2
Slave's Wedding Night 3
Slave's Wedding Night 4

 It's the slave's wedding night and she's in for some surprises from Master Keith...

 She's bought down to the dungeon in her wedding dress, a leather hood and some heavy chains. She's put in leather mitts and the wedding dress skirt is pulled up over here head so Master can put the cuffs on her ankles.

 She's pulled further into the dungeon by the heavy chain around her neck. Then the dress is pulled over her head again so he has access to her pussy.

 Master rips her tights open, then spanks her and clips her mitts to her ankle cuffs. He then puts a spreader bar between her cuffs, despite her attempts to squirm away. Now that's she spread wide open he flogs her pussy.

 He then pushes a dildo in and out of her. And leaves her there with the dildo slowly sliding out of her.

 Master pushes a larger dildo in and out of her, despite the naughty slave's attempts to squirm away again. He then leaves her alone in the dungeon again with the dildo just out of her reach, no matter how hard she tries to get closer.

 He then returns, writing his name on her pussy, continuing to leave the dildo just out of her reach and then flogs her pussy. He then rams the dildo back into her with the spreader bar attached to her ankles.

 Master then undoes her spreader bar, so he can use the heavy chain to pull her onto the whipping bench and strap her down to it.

 Finally he fists her and makes his final mark by writing his name on her arse and leaving her there down there alone strapped to the bench.

Test Spanks

Grandfather Timothy16:02 minutesSpanking
Test Spanks 0
Test Spanks 1
Test Spanks 2
Test Spanks 3
Test Spanks 4

Take one old man and 2 naughty young ladies. He is not happy with them, they're not doing their homework, not doing as they are told, the result a severe OTK spanking for them both and two very red hot bottoms!

Grandfather Punishes 0
Grandfather Punishes 1
Grandfather Punishes 2
Grandfather Punishes 3
Grandfather Punishes 4

If you are naughty you have to be punished and Grandfather is very good at punishing naughty young ladies with a good old fashioned hand spanking and caning . . .