Master's Fun in the Woods 0
Master's Fun in the Woods 1
Master's Fun in the Woods 2
Master's Fun in the Woods 3
Master's Fun in the Woods 4

Master Keith is with his cohort Master Bill. They're obviously planning something... And it's not long before we know exactly what these two are up to. There's bondage, humiliation and so much more...

Scottish Slut Scrubs 0
Scottish Slut Scrubs 1
Scottish Slut Scrubs 2

 Slave alexia has come to the dungeon to do some scrubbing, and once she's done with that Master Keith takes her down to the dungeon for some torment...

Slave's Wedding Night 0
Slave's Wedding Night 1
Slave's Wedding Night 2
Slave's Wedding Night 3
Slave's Wedding Night 4

 It's the slave's wedding night and she's in for some surprises from Master Keith...

 She's bought down to the dungeon in her wedding dress, a leather hood and some heavy chains. She's put in leather mitts and the wedding dress skirt is pulled up over here head so Master can put the cuffs on her ankles.

 She's pulled further into the dungeon by the heavy chain around her neck. Then the dress is pulled over her head again so he has access to her pussy.

 Master rips her tights open, then spanks her and clips her mitts to her ankle cuffs. He then puts a spreader bar between her cuffs, despite her attempts to squirm away. Now that's she spread wide open he flogs her pussy.

 He then pushes a dildo in and out of her. And leaves her there with the dildo slowly sliding out of her.

 Master pushes a larger dildo in and out of her, despite the naughty slave's attempts to squirm away again. He then leaves her alone in the dungeon again with the dildo just out of her reach, no matter how hard she tries to get closer.

 He then returns, writing his name on her pussy, continuing to leave the dildo just out of her reach and then flogs her pussy. He then rams the dildo back into her with the spreader bar attached to her ankles.

 Master then undoes her spreader bar, so he can use the heavy chain to pull her onto the whipping bench and strap her down to it.

 Finally he fists her and makes his final mark by writing his name on her arse and leaving her there down there alone strapped to the bench.

Taken, Tormented and Penetrated 0
Taken, Tormented and Penetrated 1
Taken, Tormented and Penetrated 2
Taken, Tormented and Penetrated 3
Taken, Tormented and Penetrated 4

Slave is penetrated by a dildo, she is then spanked and tied with mitts and a spreader bar. She is then pulled into position and a different dildo is inserted, her nipples are pulled as the dildo is thrusted in and out. Slave then has the dildo removed and nipple clamps put on. They are attatched to a lead and she is lead round by them, and whipped as she is led round. Finally she is tied up by rope and put in the boot of the car for her taking.

Slave Girl Caning 0
Slave Girl Caning 1
Slave Girl Caning 2
Slave Girl Caning 3
Slave Girl Caning 4

 The slavegirl's getting a good caning...

My Play Things 0
My Play Things 1
My Play Things 2
My Play Things 3
My Play Things 4

Master Keith has some new things to play with...