Two Slavegirls Torment 0
Two Slavegirls Torment 1
Two Slavegirls Torment 2
Two Slavegirls Torment 3
Two Slavegirls Torment 4

Master Keith brings a naked Salve Emma-Louise down to his dungeon, he immediately makes her lay on the floor and puts his boot on her breasts, fastening her legs behind the pole he begins to flog her arse while berating her for playing with her Slave sister. a spanking follows after he inserts a crystal butt plug ... Mouse traps are put onto her labia, and he relases her from the pole only to make her stand and using a leg spreader and adding weights to the mouse traps !!!.... Slave Rhiannon is then brought down to the dungeon and now his fun really begins, with Rhiannon in suspension and a mouth gag added more mouse traps and plenty of torment for her !!!