Runaway Slave Dog 0
Runaway Slave Dog 1
Runaway Slave Dog 2
Runaway Slave Dog 3
Runaway Slave Dog 4
A runaway slave dog belonging to the Mistresses of Demonic's Dungeon has returned. Miss Cameo and Mistress Demonic are disgusted by his pathetic behaviour and they're determined to make him pay for his insubordination. He is made to serve as an ashtray slave - cigarettes put out in his hand before he is made to eat the butts. They tease and humiliate him, making him beg for his punishment. He is put over a whipping bench, but before the Mistresses beat him, they decide his arse is far too hairy. They burn the hair from him as he squeals and yelps in pain. He receives his beating from both Mistresses at once as they paddle his arse, one cheek each. Next they proceed to his feet, applying a cruel bastinado session as they paddle the bottoms of his feet. His balls are paddled as well before he's made to get off the whipping bench and eat his dog food from his bowl. The Mistresses use him as a foot stool while he eats before he's doused in flea spray. After more punishment, the slave dog is branded with a cautery pen on his arse to make sure he can't run away again. Since he's already burned, the Mistresses amuse themselves by dropping lit matches on their pathetic, whimpering dog. Let's hope nobody called the RSCPA!