Chastising in Wood

2017-01-30 Mistress Demonic 25:31 minutes Femdom
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Chastising in Wood 1
Chastising in Wood 2
Chastising in Wood 3
Chastising in Wood 4
Mistress Demonic has caught her slave masturbating without permission. So she takes him into the woods with another Mistress, ties him to a tree and then they proceed to punish him. He's cropped, flogged and tickled, then they find tree branches to whip him with. Finally they tie his balls up and spank him again.

Nurses Discipline

2017-01-16 Mistress Danhella 18:48 minutes Medical
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Nurses Discipline  1
Nurses Discipline  2
Nurses Discipline  3
Nurses Discipline  4
Two latex clad nurses treat a slave to a medical examination with a difference. First they tie up the slave who already has needles through his eyebrows and needles and ribbon in his chest. They then proceed to put pegs on his cock, and clamps with weights on his balls. Once they feel the pegs have been on a sufficient time they remove them quickly to give him a little bit of a shock, then the clamps are removed. Finally they spank him and then take the needles out of him.

Mistress' New Girl Watches

2017-01-09 30:57 minutes BDSM
Mistress' New Girl Watches 0
Mistress' New Girl Watches 1
Mistress' New Girl Watches 2
Mistress' New Girl Watches 3
Mistress' New Girl Watches 4
Mistress has a new slave girl to train, and another male slave to punish, so she brings them both to the dungeon to teach her slave girl what she's in for. She ties the slave girl to the St Andrews cross to watch as the male slave is told to cross dress for Mistress. Mistress then sends him to do the dishes whilst still in sissy wear so she can whip the slave girl. She then ties the slave's balls, whips him and attaches the rope from his balls to a suspension point and hangs weights from it. Mistress then mummifies him and runs claws over him. Finally Mistress pierces him through his upper back and runs a violet wand over his back and ass.

Pony Training

2017-01-03 Master Keith and Slave Suzi 15:06 minutes Pony Play
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Pony Training 1
Pony Training 2
Pony Training 3
Pony Training 4
Master has his slave prove how well she can pull a cart round his workshop whilst high stepping in full pony gear and then gets a team of ponies ready for a big show.

Slave Cindy Whipping

2016-12-19 Master Keith 15:51 minutes BDSM
Slave Cindy Whipping 0
Slave Cindy Whipping 1
Slave Cindy Whipping 2
Slave Cindy Whipping 3
Slave Cindy Whipping 4
Slave Cindy gets tied to the St Andrews cross and gets a severe flogging.

Miss Serenity's Dungeon

2016-12-12 Slave Rhiannon 15:38 minutes Femdom
Miss Serenity's Dungeon 0
Miss Serenity's Dungeon 1
Miss Serenity's Dungeon 2
Miss Serenity's Dungeon 3
Miss Serenity's Dungeon 4
Attractive blonde Mistress Serenity takes her slave through his paces. She starts off with having him worship her feet, she then ties him to the whipping bench in preparation for what's coming next. Mistress then spanks her slave, starting off with a flogging, moving to the crop and then giving him an intense paddling.

Her Frustration and Annoyance

2016-12-06 Mistress Sophia 31:55 minutes Femdom
Her Frustration and Annoyance 0
Her Frustration and Annoyance 1
Her Frustration and Annoyance 2

Madam's slave has been disobedient, so she decides to teach him who's the boss. She ties him down to the spanking bench, then moves on to spanking, whipping, flogging and caning him. When she's sure he's back in his place she makes sure she gets the proper respect she deserves by having him worship her feet lavishly.

She's Suspended in the Woods

2016-12-06 Master Keith 7:44 minutes BDSM
She's Suspended in the Woods 0
She's Suspended in the Woods 1
She's Suspended in the Woods 2
She's Suspended in the Woods 3
She's Suspended in the Woods 4

Slave girl gets taken out to the woods by Master, where she's chained to a tree and left to hang upside down. She's bagged as well so Master can do whatever he wants to her and she's completely helpless, unable to see what's coming.

The Diary of Ms. Serenity

2016-11-24 Slave Rhiannon 32:41 minutes BDSM
The Diary of Ms. Serenity 0
The Diary of Ms. Serenity 1
The Diary of Ms. Serenity 2
The Diary of Ms. Serenity 3
The Diary of Ms. Serenity 4
Miss Serenity takes a slave into Demonic's Dungeon. She ties him to a whipping bench and gives him a good beating before covering him in hot wax. Watch this sometime slave turn the tables!
Classic Master Keith - Slave Angel's Saga (COMPLETE) 0
Classic Master Keith - Slave Angel's Saga (COMPLETE) 1
Classic Master Keith - Slave Angel's Saga (COMPLETE) 2
Classic Master Keith - Slave Angel's Saga (COMPLETE) 3
Classic Master Keith - Slave Angel's Saga (COMPLETE) 4
PART 1 Slave Sarah is put in bondage. Slave Angel helps Master Keith tie her up and she is put onto a cross. It's Slave Angel's turn next and Master Keith plays with her pussy before restraining her arms by clipping them to her corset. Then he makes her dripping pussy squirt as she cums helplessly. Now her pussy is all sensitive he whips it and teases her. Then he puts on of her tits in a viscious clamp and chains up her arms high behind her and hangs a whole house brick off her clamped tit. Angel bravely takes it as she is fisted and the breast clamp is pulled off by the weight of the brick. Master Keith fists her and she cums in pain, panting and squealing. PART 2 Slave Angel is taken to the floor as Master Keith fucks her with a huge dildo. She gratefully kisses his boots as he spanks her arse. Next he beats her with a flogger as her arse gets redder and redder. It's her pussy's turn next as Master Keith beats it with the flogger - and her inner thighs. Then Master Keith puts a breast clamp on her tits and screws it down tight. He attaches a chain to the clamp and winches her up until she's stretched taut. Her wrists are clipped to the sides of the corset and her tits are beaten with the flogger. Now Master Keith picks her legs up so she's hanging by her tits and fucks her with a huge dildo while she groans and squeals. Eventually he takes pity on her and lets her down. PART 3 Slave Angel's tits are put in bondage with a thin, rough rope. Master Keith crushes and twists her tits, biting her nipples. Slave Angel is made to kneel and then Master Keith crushes her tits with his boot. Her tits grow sore and red as she is put by a chair and tied to it so her poor tits sit on the top of it. Master Keith crushes her tits even more and Slave Angel can barely take the pain - she is moaning and yelping pitifully. Master Keith beats her tits with a leather paddle before playing with her pussy. She is stood back up and hooked clamps are put onto her nipples while weights hang from them. Master Keith makes her cum as the weights sway and dangle from her sore nipples - Slave Angel's pussy drips all over the floor! Now Angel is laid on her front as Master Keith stands on her back, crushing her sore little tits even harder into the floor.Part 4 starts off with Slave Angel's breasts in bondage as Master Keith plays with her tits and pierced & tattooed pussy, making her gush. Then he makes her ride the huge dildo she was fucked with earlier. He pulls her up and down by her tits, shoving the dildo even harder inside her. He unties her tits and bites and crushes them before leaving her on her knees and turning his attentions to Slave Sarah. Sarah is untied before he returns to Slave Angel and punishes her back with a Whartenburg Wheel. Next her puts her over his knee and beats her hard with a leather paddle. Her arse gets redder and redder as it warms. Next he fists her - all the beating has made her really randy! She cums again and then Master Keith leaves her to recover.