Piercing Torment

Master Keith32:12 minutesBDSM
Piercing Torment 0
Piercing Torment 1
Piercing Torment 2
Piercing Torment 3
Piercing Torment 4

 Master Keith has a two slave girls, a lot of needles and several ideas on what to do with those two things together. 

Tormented Upside Down 0
Tormented Upside Down 1
Tormented Upside Down 2
Tormented Upside Down 3
Tormented Upside Down 4

 Slave is in trouble, she's been tied up upside down by Master Keith and he's ready to punish her. She's flogged, fucked and has candles put in her pussy and ass.

The Judge's Prison Girls

15:39 minutesBDSM
The Judge's Prison Girls 0
The Judge's Prison Girls 1
The Judge's Prison Girls 2
The Judge's Prison Girls 3
The Judge's Prison Girls 4

 The Judge has found some bad girls who with his staff's help need to be bought in and taught a lesson...

Baked Bean Wrestling Round Two 0
Baked Bean Wrestling Round Two 1
Baked Bean Wrestling Round Two 2
Baked Bean Wrestling Round Two 3
Baked Bean Wrestling Round Two 4

Master Keith decided that seeing pretty female slaves naked and wrestling in a huge pool of baked beans would be great fun !!... Who will be the champion, fun and mess as the pretty girls wrestle naked in the pool... ding ding round one, round TWO ...

Slavegirl Bondage 0
Slavegirl Bondage 1
Slavegirl Bondage 2
Slavegirl Bondage 3
Slavegirl Bondage 4

 Slave Sugarlump has got herself into a predicament, Master has decided she to be tied up. She got a bridle with a ball gag in and Master cuffs her wrists to a bar hanging to the ceiling and a spreader bar between her legs. Master makes her dance to amuse him and then puts a chain between her leg to the upper bar, and no matter how she struggles she can't get free.

Doctor Keith Electrics 0
Doctor Keith Electrics 1
Doctor Keith Electrics 2
Doctor Keith Electrics 3
Doctor Keith Electrics 4

 Master Keith has decided to do a doctors examination with a difference on a female slave. She's made to strip and is bound to the gynaecological examination chair and then her pussy is opened up with clamps so the doctor can get a proper look. He then decides to put needles through her outer labia and finally puts a glass tube violet wand in her pussy.

Bunny Babes

Miss Cameo and Slave Rhiannon6:14 minutesLesbian
Bunny Babes 0
Bunny Babes 1
Bunny Babes 2
Bunny Babes 3
Bunny Babes 4

 Rhiannon and Cameo have some fun with carrots after frolicking in the field dressed up as bunnies.

Ms Evie's Doggy Punishment 0
Ms Evie's Doggy Punishment 1
Ms Evie's Doggy Punishment 2
Ms Evie's Doggy Punishment 3
Ms Evie's Doggy Punishment 4

E.Vie brings a new puppy for training to ms.Danhella. They tie up his balls, they crop his balls. They make then train puppy to play games like beg, fetch and play. Dog is then told to guard the dungeon.  Mistress came back to find dog not doing his duties so they put him on the rack where they tie his cock and balls to a ceiling hook and add weights, they then violet his balls and cock and also drip wax over his cock and balls.

Mistresses Train Horsey 0
Mistresses Train Horsey 1
Mistresses Train Horsey 2

Mistresses have a new pony, and they're making sure he's properly trained for the job of carrying the precious cargo that is the mistresses round the dungeon.

Pole Hanging

Master Keith and Slave Rhiannon12:09 minutesBDSM
Pole Hanging 0
Pole Hanging 1
Pole Hanging 2

Slave Rhiannon is in trouble so Master Keith tapes and mummfies her to a spinning pole with a gas mask on and clamps on her labia. He flogs and spanks her, and spins her round. Finally he makes her mop in a gas mask to make up for her shortcomings.