Slavegirls Shaving and Waxing 0
Slavegirls Shaving and Waxing 1
Slavegirls Shaving and Waxing 2
Slavegirls Shaving and Waxing 3
Slavegirls Shaving and Waxing 4

One slavegirl is in for a close shave, with the other slavegirl being used as a bowl holder. Once her shave is done her newly bald pussy is covered in wax til you can't see it anymore, before being removed bit by bit.

Slavegirls Holiday Collection 0
Slavegirls Holiday Collection 1
Slavegirls Holiday Collection 2
Slavegirls Holiday Collection 3
Slavegirls Holiday Collection 4

 Master Keith has taken one of his slavegirls on holiday, he's taken her for a trot through the village and then suspended her outdoors.

Nightmare Nurses

Mistress Danhella31:03 minutesFemdom
Nightmare Nurses 0
Nightmare Nurses 1
Nightmare Nurses 2
Nightmare Nurses 3
Nightmare Nurses 4

The slave is lead down the the dungeon by one of the nurses by his penis, he is than tied to the chair with his legs spilt apart, and a special mouth piece inserted. He than has staples put into his chest, he than has a needles pierced through his eyebrows, they than put lace through the staples in a corset type of ribbon. After awhile he than has his penis slapped several times by the mistresses. He is than moved and has his hands clipped to a metal frame above him, and has his legs tied up as well, they than place pegs upon his penis, and hang weights off his balls, when the cock and ball play ends, he is bent over and spanked

Suspended, Degregated

Master Keith14:53 minutesBDSM
Suspended, Degregated 0
Suspended, Degregated 1
Suspended, Degregated 2
Suspended, Degregated 3
Suspended, Degregated 4

 Master Keith and another Master tie up and spank a female slave, before making her give them blowjobs and letting her have some pleasure from a vibrator.

Slavegirl's Playtime 0
Slavegirl's Playtime 1
Slavegirl's Playtime 2
Slavegirl's Playtime 3
Slavegirl's Playtime 4

Master Keith catches his slavegirl masturbating in the bath when she's meant to be shaving. He takes her down to the dungeon on collar and lead and then puts restraints on her, she's then made to lick Mistress' pussy. Master then chains her up and cranks her off, then flogs her, uses a crop on her and finally puts mousetraps on her labia.

3 Slaves and a Buttplug 0
3 Slaves and a Buttplug 1
3 Slaves and a Buttplug 2
3 Slaves and a Buttplug 3
3 Slaves and a Buttplug 4

Master Keith has 3 of his slavegirls in the dungeon, slavegirl Rhiannon is lapping water out of a bowl as it starts with Charlie giving her a spanking. Master Keith then gives Rhiannon a good spanking. Master Keith then puts a butt plug in Rhiannon's arse and gives her a good few whacks with the crop followed by allowing the other girls to give her a few whacks. Master Keith then leads the 3 girls through to the main dungeon crawling on leads, where he suspends one of the girls to the cross whilst Charlie ties Rhiannon to the whipping bench where Master Keith and Charlie spank her.

Punishing of Kay

Master Keith13:19 minutesBDSM
Punishing of Kay 0
Punishing of Kay 1
Punishing of Kay 2
Punishing of Kay 3
Punishing of Kay 4

 From Master Keith's archives, Slave Kay has been a very naughty girl and is about to get the spanking of her life as punishment...

Slave Jaiden Fucked By Machine 0
Slave Jaiden Fucked By Machine 1
Slave Jaiden Fucked By Machine 2
Slave Jaiden Fucked By Machine 3
Slave Jaiden Fucked By Machine 4

 Slave Jaiden in tied up in rope bondage and put on a board which is then lifted upside down, then Master Keith turns on the fucking machine and puts a magic wand vibrator to her clit.