Slavegirl Rachael's Bondage.  0
Slavegirl Rachael's Bondage.  1
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Slavegirl Rachael's Bondage.  3
Slavegirl Rachael's Bondage.  4

Rachael is in bondage and cuffed, tied to a pole in Master Keith's dungeon. He is sick of her moaning so he adds a ball gag. He leaves her strugging against her bonds and eventually releases her only to lay her on the floor and fasten her wrists to the leg spreader bar.

The Slave is Late

Mistress Demonic23:29 minutesFemdom
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The Slave is Late 1
The Slave is Late 2
The Slave is Late 3
The Slave is Late 4

Oh dear it looks like Slave Leo is in trouble, he is late back from a night out and Mistress Demonic is not at all happy about that... So once in her dungeon Leo is subjected to humiliation, electro torment and bondage , but he is permitted to massage his Mistress' feet.

Test Spanks

Grandfather Timothy16:02 minutesSpanking
Test Spanks 0
Test Spanks 1
Test Spanks 2
Test Spanks 3
Test Spanks 4

Take one old man and 2 naughty young ladies. He is not happy with them, they're not doing their homework, not doing as they are told, the result a severe OTK spanking for them both and two very red hot bottoms!

Kia's Suspension

Master Keith and Slave Kia21:23 minutesBDSM
Kia's Suspension 0
Kia's Suspension 1
Kia's Suspension 2
Kia's Suspension 3
Kia's Suspension 4

Master Keith takes Slavegirl Kai down into his dungeon, once there he puts clamps on her pussy lips and adds chains to keep them open, then it is onto suspension for her with some pussy fingering as well... up and up she goes suspended by her wrists and ankles with a wide open pussy!

The Governess

16:58 minutesFemdom
The Governess 0
The Governess 1
The Governess 2
The Governess 3
The Governess 4

The Governess has a naughty girl who needs punishment and a good spanking.

Slave Girl Duel

Master Billy and Master Keith16:08 minutesBDSM
Slave Girl Duel 0
Slave Girl Duel 1
Slave Girl Duel 2
Slave Girl Duel 3
Slave Girl Duel 4

 Master Keith gets two of his slavegirls to have a duel with paddles and a tug of war with pussy chains. He then trots one of them round and spanks both of them.

Woodland Slavegirl

Master Keith and Slave Suzi16:25 minutesBDSM
Woodland Slavegirl 0
Woodland Slavegirl 1
Woodland Slavegirl 2
Woodland Slavegirl 3
Woodland Slavegirl 4

Slave Suzi has been brought out to the woods by Master Keith, where she's tied to a tree.She then has weights attached to her pussy and is whipped and flogged. Finally she is suspended from the tree and fingered and spanked before being taken down and led off into the woods.

Liquid Gold Sluts

21:04 minutesPeeing
Liquid Gold Sluts 0
Liquid Gold Sluts 1
Liquid Gold Sluts 2
Liquid Gold Sluts 3
Liquid Gold Sluts 4

 The sluts have a lot of liquid gold to spread everywhere.

Mistress Jolene Straps On 0
Mistress Jolene Straps On 1
Mistress Jolene Straps On 2
Mistress Jolene Straps On 3
Mistress Jolene Straps On 4

 Master Keith and Mistress Jolene tie up slave Rhiannon and proceed to spank her. Mistress Jolene then proceeds to use her strap on on Rhiannon, face fucking her and fucking her.

Lesbian Captivity 0
Lesbian Captivity 1
Lesbian Captivity 2
Lesbian Captivity 3
Lesbian Captivity 4

 Slave Crystal is taken to the woods by Master Keith, Mistress Alicia and Mistress Roxi. Slave Crystal is led through the woods, tied by rope to a tree and then spanked and flogged. Mistress Roxi then gives her a good seeing to with a strap on whilst Mistress Alicia holds her in place with her lead and her hair.